Jeff Aronin Strives to Make Lives Better Through Innovation

May 26, 2018

Jeff Aronin is CEO of Paragon Biosciences. He graduated from Northern Illinois University with a bachelor’s degree. He also graduated from DePaul University with an MBA. Jeff started out working in health care before becoming CEO of Ovation Pharmaceuticals. Ovation Pharmaceuticals was realized back in 2000. Jeff is passionate about helping people to live the best lives that they possibly can, and he felt as though his work could make a difference. He has primarily been interested in helping those with rare diseases.


Eventually, a Danish healthcare company would buy Ovation and keep Jeff Aronin on as CEO. Jeff would continue to keep the company on track in developments that would improve people’s lives.


Jeff Aronin’s passion for making peoples lives better continues to stay with him. He is still a leading investor and developer of biotech companies. He focuses his attention on neglected medical issues and helps to bring needed medications to the market. Two of the companies that Jeff has been a participant in creating are Harmony Biosciences and Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Harmony Biosciences has centered its interests on the nervous system while Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals works on helping with rare genetic dermatology conditions.


With the hard work and success that Jeff Aronin has had, he continues to attract investors and very talented biotechs to partner with him. This allows for further progress in the development of medications that have great potential for patients with rare and debilitating diseases.


Jeff Aronin is involved in many aspects of the community in Chicago. While he is working to make the lives of people with rare disease better, he stays involved in the health community by serving on the board of directors of World Business in Chicago. He also remains involved with ChicagoNEXT, the Museum of Science and Industry, along with many other private companies in the health industry.


Jeff Aronin’s involvement in the community and his focus on finding ways to treat rare disease and making a difference in peoples lives will remain his mission in life. Jeff will continue to seek new methods for treating the terminally ill and other health issues. With his commitment, thousands will benefit from his values and his devotion.

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