Jeff Aronin the Face Behind Unprecedented Growth at Paragon Biosciences

April 18, 2018

Jeff Aronin, the chief executive officer of Paragon Biosciences has had over two decades success in management and development of biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies.

His interest in the field began when a supervisor he was working with opted to use medicine to treat a boy with seizures other than operating on him. When the medicine worked, it triggered a passion in Jeff Aronin to research, develop and popularize medication for rare diseases.

In 2000, Jeff took the first step towards his dream. He founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. He put his knowledge in biosciences; uncommon diseases and drug development to use incubate the firm. The company gained a good reputation in the biotech and pharmaceutical sector.

Jeff was the CEO until 2009 when he sold it to a Danish-based firm Lundbeck for $900 million. Even after his firm was acquired, Lundbeck retained him as the CEO to oversee the integration of the two firms.

Jeff Aronin founded Paragon Pharmaceuticals in 2010. The firm is passionate about making patients’ lives more bearable through biomedical innovations, and it is based in Chicago, IL.

Driven by his passion to develop drugs to meet the needs of patients with rare conditions, he uses the firm to incubate and grow upcoming biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

Currently, the firm is working with about two hundred healthcare firms at various stages of growth. He supports them to establish, do research, produce and get FDA approval for novel medicine (

He also ensures the drugs are fairly priced to be accessible to patients who require them.

Jeff Aronin strategy involves identifying a rare condition, studying it to understand its cause and then develop a drug that can cure it. Once the drug passes clinical trials, he works hard to have it approved and availed to the patients who require it.

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