Kabbalah Centre

March 21, 2017

The Kabbalah Centre is headquartered in Los Angeles, but the organization has offices and facilities all around the world. The Kabbalah religion has several similarities to both Judaism and Christianity, and the main objective of the teachings is to help people realize and execute the moral actions that will help them become their best selves. Kabbalah has also been practiced by a number of celebrities, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Demi Moore and Lindsay Lohan.

Kabbalah was previously thought to be a religion that so complex that only men over 40 who were well-versed in Jewish religious literature could understand its tenets. However, those who are interested in Kabbalah don’t have to have a previous knowledge of Jewish writings. Kabbalah also references Bible stories, but Kabbalah instructors assert that these stories are metaphors that are meant to teach life lessons and not literal.

The Kabbalah religion also teaches that the main goal of humans should be to emulate the Light or essence of God. Kabbalah suggests that God Himself is too vast and complicated for humans to understand, and that imitating the positive and loving traits of God is a more attainable goal for humans.

The Kabbalah Centre offers several educational resources online, including reading materials and online courses that can assist individuals in learning more Kabbalah in real and practical ways. There are a number of testimonials from those who practice Kabbalah as well. The website also provides contact information for Kabbalah Centre locations worldwide. For additional details, visit hitp://kabbalah.com

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