Ken Griffin has climbed Back up with Citadel

August 8, 2015

Back on Top After Brink of Collapse
It had been approximately seven years ago when Ken Griffin was standing amongst the financial crises and sinking with the heavy losses. He was waiting, standing and teetering on the brink. This would be the brink of collapse. Founder of Citadel’s Ken Griffin Leaves 2008 Tumble Far Behind. Mr. Griffin huddled with Ian Sandler who is the chief operating officer for global equities. Ken spotted an opportunity. Citadel has placed the past where it belongs. It has risen right back and is now nearly on top of the hedge-fund heap. This is interesting because many competitors have crawled back slowly. Ken Griffin did not take it slow. The competitors have taken it slower since the major 2008 shock. Ken Griffin is undertaking and embarking on one aggressive expansion. Citadel’s asset under management has surged ten billion dollars since the beginning of 2014 to 26 billion dollars. This has risen by 29 percent. This is apparently working out well. Citadel is now pondering a move since its near-death experience. This is a move that had been contemplated previously. This would be going public. The second half of next year may bring an initial public offering. This is coming from the people who are associated and familiar with the matter. Ken Griffin is indeed a solid businessman. In several interviews with the Wall Street Journal he is quoted as stating “Business is business, I do not manufacture cars. He is currently going through a high profile and very public divorce. This divorce would not be considered to be smooth and problem-free. This couple is currently in settlement talks. This situation is a part of his life that he would like to wipe out. This is a chapter within his life story that cannot be edited out even though Mr. Griffen would like to do. There have indeed been numerous changes for Mr. GriffIn. The grand changes in fortune and can be considered dramatic for Citadel by the hedge-fund world standards. He had definitely experienced a humbling crisis in 2008.

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