Kyle Bass Has Information From A Central Banker

October 26, 2016


Kyle Bass has a lot of information from the people who in the deep parts of the financial world, but he does not always have information that he can take action on. Kyle Bass makes sure that the information he gives sounds good, and he also wants people to think that it is a secret that only he knows about. The issue that people have is when they take action on what Kyle Bass says and he turns out to be wrong. He is not someone who does all his homework because he likes things that look good, but he wants to be sure that he can be the person who gets all the credit.


The information that Mr Bass got from a Chinese central banker notes that they are planning on doing just what the US did during their own crisis. The problem is that replicating what the US did will not necessarily work. The Chinese cannot save every company, and the Chinese cannot afford to see their government go down a road that will devalue their currency. Kyle Bass might be confident about this, but he does not realize that China could do something completely different.


Someone who starts betting against China might not make any money because the Chinese could change their minds tomorrow. They could take a new direction based on the fact that they had information leaked, or Mr. Bass might not be telling the truth. That causes problems for the normal investor who does not want to lose money, and it could lose someone so much money that they will never recover. Kyle Bass can afford to waste his money if an investment does not work, but he is not looking out for people who could lose everything just because he is so concerned with himself.

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