Migraine Relief Using X-Ray Technology

March 2, 2015

Migraines are a painful and debilitating issue for many people like Marc Sparks. No real treatment has been created in the past 50 years or so that strays from the traditional medications being used. As much as eighteen percent of the United States population suffers from migraines but a team of radiologists in New York are using their skills to help further understand a common technique that is used to deal with migraines.

One hundred and twelve adults were studied. They all suffer from migraine or cluster headaches. Common SPG blockers (which are used to treat migraines) were used along with X-ray technology to observe what happens during this treatment protocol. After just one month, eighty eight percent of the patients being observed indicated that they needed less or absolutely no medication on a consistent basis for the headaches. While their initial pain rating was 8.25 prior to being treated, their numbers went down to a 5.25 average.

While this treatment option is not permanent and is not currently being used for the general public, this data shows promising results that may help treat migraine sufferers in the future. Many people are showing interest in this study especially those who experience migraines or cluster headaches on a consistent basis. Some women have them in a cyclical form based off of their menstrual cycle while others have yet to determine the cause for their headaches.

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