New Trustees Bring New Life To Autism Rocks

April 16, 2016

Sanjay Shah is the founder of both Autism Rocks and Solo Capital. His firm is based in London, England and he has approximately a dozen other ventures that he is involved in. Starting out as a medical student and not finding it to his liking, Shah moved into accounting and then to investment banking.

As the founder of Autism Rocks he has recently appointed Will and Pete Best to the foundation’s board. Shah and the Best brothers have known each other for some time. Having gone to college together they have intimate knowledge of what the other does and how they can enhance the foundation.

It is anticipated that the Best brothers will bring greater insight and vision to the charity organization. The yearly concerts are used to not only raise funds for research on the disorder, but also to help spread information and knowledge on what it is and how to deal with it.

Pete Best has studied and worked in the financial sector. He has realized great success and brings the ability to raise more funds and help with Autism research even more. As a CEO of a major firm, Pete has been able to master the mechanics of organization and managing large events and corporations. This is seen as an invaluable resource for helping Autism Rocks move into the next stage of their growth.

Mr. Will Best has experience spanning many years in the music and entertainment industries. He has also helds positions in advertising. These qualities definitely correlate to what Mr Shah seeks to accomplish with Autism Rocks. Will is the type of trustee that will be able to generate more press and more attention to the foundation.

Shah is innately aware of how to manage the people and businesses in his control. Solo Capital is an investment firm that works to help individuals grow their wealth through education and information in the instruments that interest them

Solo Capital also deals with sports investments. These include franchise teams and semi-pro investments. This entails a good deal of knowledge about people, advertising and market strengths. Diversification is stressed in investing strategies as well as in personal affairs

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