NewsWatch TV: Representation

April 10, 2018

Representation is so important in the world we live in. Sometimes looks can be deceiving and there is usually more than meets the eye. That’s why its so important to have good and accurate representation. To avoid a false conception and to create the right image of what someone or something truly is. There are those that work to give this correct image and to help people and companies express themselves and their products. Newswatch is an entity that seeks to do this.

Newswatch is a television program with online components that does reviews ion the technology and products that companies sell and want to showcase. This show has critical acclaim and has won many wards such as the marcom award in 2017. It was started in 1990 as a show based around finances but quickly found its niche in technology. Hosted by Susan Bridges, Andrew Tropeano, and Michelle Ison, the 30-minute show has endured through time and it is for a reason, they do quality work.

Recently a company known as Contour hired Newswatch to a do a review on their newest product an ergonomic workstation. They wanted to market and advertise their products through television and online venues to increase sales and the overall exposure of the product.

Newswatch agreed to try to do this and created a review for the product that can be found on their website and broadcasted on the television show. The results were outstanding as Contour saw a significant increase in sales. Bret Hudson the Product Marketing Manager specifically stated that” sales of our ultimate workstation series have dramatically spiked, and that is all attributed to the work that you have done over at NewsWatch.” It looks like the image and help that Newswatch projected to the audience did its job and now the product is a success.


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