NGP VAN Shares Impressive Rally Advice

April 4, 2018

As a public rally can be a great way to boost visibility or raise awareness about an issue, one company that helps campaigns and groups use technology to meet their goals, is passing along advice on getting a rally underway.

NGP VAN calls attention to determining at the start whether or not a rally should be initiated as they take a good deal of time and resources.

According to NGP VAN, rallies are a great way to present your campaign to the community and win over undecided voters. Rallies also revitalize your supporters and may encourage them into becoming regular volunteers. They may also improve press coverage of your campaign and help you reach a far-reaching audience.

After the decision has been made to have a rally, proper planning, such as timing and the location of the rally, become top priorities for success.

A rally may take place at a local business or outside a school. In both locations be sure to obtain any necessary permits for holding the rally.

Advertising and promoting the event should also take precedence for doing well at the rally. Printing and passing out flyers, creating a Facebook event and calling radio local stations are just a few suggestions NGP VAN proposes.

A press release should be sent out to newspapers and television and radio stations a few days before the event.

NGP VAN also recommends a quality sound system, visuals such as campaign signs to hang up as well as distribute to the crowd and a speaking program that offers short and to the point remarks along with a few slogans that will be repeated throughout the rally.

Another bit of advice from NGP VAN is how crucial it is to enlist volunteers to sign up attendees and secure their contact information for future volunteer work, (

NGP VAN, which was established by the merger of NGP Software and Voter Activation Network in 2010, offers an integrated platform for fundraising, organizing, social networking products and more.

All the national Democratic committees, thousands of Democratic campaigns, labor unions, political action committees and more are among NGP VAN’s customers.

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