NuoDB, a revolution in SQL cloud applications.

April 19, 2017

Trusted by Dassault Systèmes and used by French defense contractors, as well as UAE Exchange for international finance transactions, NuoDB has done well to earn clients’ trust as a digital SQL platform. Geared as a database for cloud applications, they have the performance, security and reliability of on-site hardware, while being as flexible as the rest of the cloud. Capable of processing over 1 million transactions every second, every new server further strengthens the database, protecting from failures as well as increasing performance.

NuoDB’s cloud database allows customers to liberate their applications from being handled on-site by local hardware. This antiquated system requires dedicated hardware at every location and hence limits growth. Based in the cloud, NuoDB earned it’s reputation by being analyst-recognized, and continuing to improve their customers’ time to market by re-using existing application code and SQL skills. NuoDB also reduces workload on software development teams by having the Database handle data management tasks, freeing the application itself from needing to do so.

It does all of this at a lower cost than competitors due to simpler system architecture. NuoDB is on the cutting edge of development for SQL systems and is truly a force for more development.

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