OSI Food Solutions Makes a Couple of Powerful Moves to Continue Its Expansion Efforts

August 2, 2018

OSI Food Solutions is a global food company that is headquartered in the United States. It has been in existence since 1909 when its founder Otto Kolschowsky came to the U.S.A. with a vision to start a meat market and deli in Chicago. His work ethic and offerings soon forced him to expand his operations, and he eventually hired his sons on to help out. Later on, they took over the business and continued to make the right kind of business moves that their father had. One of the consistent themes that has always ran through the heart OSI Food Solutions is the company’s mission to expand its operation.

OSI Food Solutions has recently expanded in the United States by purchasing a former Tyson Foods plant. The plant is located in the south-side of Chicago, and OSI bought it for $7.4 million. While hundreds of employees that served Tyson Foods were set to lose their jobs, OSI decided to offer a good portion of them a new job with their company. The facility measures out to 200,000 square-feet and is very close to another OSI facility that it will be able to offer support to as well as infrastructure. Kevin Scott, senior executive vice president for OSI North America, expressed the company’s excitement with the purchase and talked about how it will help to meet its expansion needs.

OSI Food Solutions also recently added to its capabilities in Europe by acquiring the Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods, Baho Food. While the financial details of the transaction haven’t been released, the president of OSI was available to talk about how the purchase will help to broaden the presence of the company in Europe. Baho Food has processing plants in the Netherlands and Germany and has five subsidiaries there. John Balvers, the managing director for Baho Food, decided to stay on as will his management team. In an interview, Balvers expressed his excitement about becoming part of the OSI Food Solutions and commented that the transaction will surely be a good thing for both companies involved. Expect more from OSI in the future as the company has no plans to slow down its expansion efforts.

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