OSI Group: Brief Information on Events

March 7, 2018

This will give information on a company called OSI Group and two events they have recently been involved in. The first one is on how they acquired a company called “Flagship Europe”. The company is famous for their supply of frozen poultry, pies, and products of sous vide. Also, Flagship Europe had moved up its presence in the sector called “food-to-go” after an acquisition with a UK-based supplier of dips, sauces, marinades, and sandwich fillings.

OSI Group is a type of food manufacturing company that is based in the United States. It is a company that is multi-billion as well. David McDonald is the president as well as COO (Chief Operations Office) of the company OSI. He agreed that the new addition of Flagship added a presence that was wider in Europe. They also have production facilities that can be found in the locations of Asia, the Americas, and Europe. The chief executive of this company Russel Maddock believes that the new addition will assist in meeting objectives like beginning new opportunities, tweaking their proposition, as well as causing their place to be stronger.

Also, an exciting fact about the company OSI Group is that they are in the top 100 companies in America that sells food. For starters, the CEO and Chairman of this such company Sheldon Lavin has made a giant transformation to OSI by changing it into a processor of food that is a multibillion dollar one and global. It’s placed in sixteen different countries.

Also, Sheldon Lavin had gotten the honor of receiving from “India’s World Vision Academy” the Global Visionary Award. Another factor that deserved them to be on the list is the hard commitment they show toward excellence. The group is also established in the key of starting with the consumer and confronting any challenges that they might face. They can face them through both working together and the innovative ideas they may have. This company is also known as an employer that has equal opportunity and gives treatment to every member as they are family. They also are known for displaying their act of integrity.

Finally, in the U.S.A. OSI gives out food processing lie fruits and vegetables and proteins. It is also important to note that everything they make is for the purpose of ordering. It is also made to exact description so every special demand of the customer is being met.

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