OSI Group Continues to Hit the Headlines for All the Good Reasons

May 12, 2017

In November last year, OSI Food Solutions UK took home the Globe of Honor Award for the year 2016. The award, which is given by the British Safety Council on an annual basis, recognizes companies that largely contribute to environmental management. OSI Food Solutions UK, which is a subsidiary company of OSI Group, was presented with the accolade at a ceremony held in London.

How to Become a Winner of the Globe of Honor Award

Winning the Globe of Honor Award is not an easy fete. To begin with, the British Safety Council conducts a special audit on how different organizations manage the environment during its year that runs from August to July. The council then rates every organization’s performance for the year, with the highest rating being 5-stars. The organizations that manage the 5-star rating qualify to be considered for the awards. An independent panel then sits and scrutinizes all the qualified organizations before settling on the winners. For last year awards, OSI Food Solutions UK won alongside another seventeen winners.

Words from the Top Officials

During the awards luncheon, the Chair of the British Safety Council, Mr. Lynda Armstrong OBE, congratulated OSI Food and expressed his joy in having many organizations committed to environment management. When presenting the award to OSI, the council’s chief executive, Mr. Mike Robinson, commended all the winners for playing the important role of managing the environment. He noted that without committed organizations like OSI Food Solutions, managing environment would be cumbersome. Kelly Grimwood received the award on behalf of OSI. Kelly is the OSI’s environmental manager Europe.

Acquisition of Flagship Europe

OSI Group reached yet another milestone last year after acquiring Flagship Europe, a food service supplier that operates in the UK. The group’s COO, Mr. David G. McDonald, said that the acquisition was in line with OSI’s long-term goals of diversifying and increasing its operations in the nation and Europe at large. Flagship Europe covers a wide range of products, including frozen poultry, sauces, mayonnaise, and sandwich fillings.


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