OSI Group President David Mcdonald

August 6, 2017

When a person thinks of a global organization, he or she may think of a large, impersonal, one-size-fits-all, generic company. However, that is not true. When a company expands globally, it actually becomes more personalized and more local in nature. How? Well, according to David McDonald, the president of OSI Group, when a company operates in different locations, the local people who live and work for each location have a good feel for local cultures and what clients need. In a given location of a company, the workers management may have grown up in that location with an understanding of what people in that locale want and/or need. Even if a foreign person from the company comes to that location, he or she can pick up on the local cultures and needs.

Before knowing about David McDonald, it pays to know what OSI Group is. OSI Group is a privately held corporation that supplies protein products such as beef patties and sausages, as well as pizzas and sandwiches. They service stores and places of retail. Ever since the early 1990s, OSI Group has operated in China. According to David McDonald, they chose to expand out to China because they believed that China held a lot of economic potential.

David McDonald has been the president of OSI Group since 1987. He earned a BS from Iowa State University in 1987, and was a part of Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity. As of July 30th, 2017, he is 53 years old. He has also worked as Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. Now, David McDonald enjoys his role as the Chairman of North American Meat Institute and Director of OSI International Food (Australia) Pty. Ltd. His many skills include supply chain management, product development, food processing, process improvement, operations management, food safety, food, business strategy, strategic planning and ingredient.

To know more visit @: www.osigroup.com/wp-content/uploads/2016-2017_SustainabilityReport.pdf

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