Perry Mandera passion to help the community

February 2, 2018

Perry Mandera the owner of Custom Co. Inc has a passion for assisting the community for a social and economic progress. It is essential for an individual to focus on assisting the needy in the community for a proper flow of daily operations in the community. Perry Mandera founded Custom Co. Inc in 1986 after working for United States Marine Corps and as the Republican Ward Committeeman. The annual sales of the company are estimated at $ 200 million due to the acceptance of the company by the targeted market. The engagement in corporate social responsibility and charitable activities in the community positively contributes to increased sale. Perry Mandera focuses on assisting the needy in Chicago area and other parts of USA. The company focuses on ensuring that there is increased community assistance through the donations and other help to the society.
Perry Mandera’s Community Assistance

Perry Mandera is able to run Custom Companies Inc. effectively by making the public have a positive view of the companies. Perry Mandera has been able to come up with the coaching of youths in a different sport such as boxing, baseball, football, and basketball. The boxing sponsorship by has increased the number of youths willing to enter the sport thus keeping them away from drugs and gangs.

Perry Mandera has focused on assisting individuals in case of a natural disaster in properly handling the emergency facing the community, click here. Perry Mandera offers food, clothing and transport services to people affected by a disaster. Perry Mandera has been able to assist during the tornado, Hurricane Katrina and wildfire facing the community. The passion of assisting other people in the community by Perry Mandera has made it possible for Custom Co. Ltd to acquire a competitive edge in the transport industry. Perry Mandera has made it possible to deal with social issues facing the community through donations from Custom Companies Inc.

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Sahm Adrangi and his Kerrisdale’s Betting for and Against Companies

January 21, 2018

Sahm Adrangi started a hedge fund many years ago and has achieved a lot of success with his investment firm and its research. The company founder began working in investments early in his career, learning from investors such as Dan Loeb who is Adrangi’s role model for business.

Back in 2009, Sahm Adrangi launched the Kerrisdale Capital Management. The investment and money management company also has a strong focus on research and betting for and against corporations. In 2011, Sahm Adrangi started making a name for himself and his first substantial profit after shorting several Chinese companies listed as American. That brought the group to have assets of $250 million as of 2013. Now, Kerrisdale Capital Management has assets that have nearly tripled. Sahm Adrangi started the business with only one million to fund it, so the growth is quite impressive given he was very young when he started.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the transparent companies that easily state their sides and opinions. That comes naturally considering the firm bets billions sometimes for and against businesses. The company reports its opinion on the Twitter platform, and so does its founder Sahm Adrangi who is outspoken about his thoughts and prefers not to beat around the bush with his vernacular.

Sahm Adrangi stirred the research orientation of his Kerrisdale Capital Management in three industries. The company reaches and makes reports on businesses from the sectors of biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining. The business sector is a vast one. No single company can hope to encompass all industries extensively, so it is est to focus on no more than a handful of them. Biotechnology, for one, is a widely talked about the industry and is thriving. To a large extent, the future of medicine depends on the progress of biotechnology.

What Kerrisdale Capital Management essentially does is that it ”calls out” companies that they believe are overvalued and at the same time brings into the spotlight those that Kerrisdale think should receive more attention. The company does extensive research when betting for and against and published exhaustive papers and report to prove its pint. Often the bets are raised funds gathered from investors.

Adam Milstein’s Business, Advocacy, Philanthopy and Family Life

December 29, 2017

When people consider the contributions made by Israeli-Americans to the Jewish agenda, Adam Milstein’s name pops up every so often. Milstein is not only involved in Jewish advocacy, but he is also a philanthropist. He is also an astute businessman, who is also a renowned real estate investor. Milstein currently serves as the Managing Partner, and co-founder of Hager Pacific Properties, a real estate firm.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel, where he also studied. He attended the Technion where he graduated in 1978. What most people do not know about Milstein is that he also served during the Yom Kippur War as a member of the IDF. In 1981, he moved to the United States, and studied at the University of South Carolina. He earned his MBA, and started on a career in real estate investment. Hager Pacific Properties now owns many properties in both the commercial and industrial estate throughout the country. Milstein has also helped in changing the lives of many who would like to own property, but lack capital.

Philanthropy and Advocacy

While some people know Adam Milstein as a real estate investor, most know him for his philanthropic and advocacy works. For starters, Milstein is one of the founders of the Israeli-American Council, which he also chairs. As a member of the Council, he is also charged with the task of managing the national chapter’s affairs.

Milstein is also a board member in various organisations. He sits on the boards of Jewish Funders Network, AIPAC National Council, Birthright Israel, and StandWIthUs. Adam is also the president of Adam and Gila Milstein Foundation, an organization which he started with his wife. Through their foundation, Adam and his wife are able to reach out to young Israelis in various parts of the world. They also partner with various organisations to conduct projects that help the less fortunate in their community.

Apart from his business and other responsibilities, Adam Milstein is also a family man. He has three children, as well as three grandchildren. When he is not working or running his advocacy and charity projects, he loves to hang out with his family.

Standing up for justice and curbing oppression of any kind

November 7, 2017

Amnesty International is formed of over 7 million people from different parts of the world. It is a movement that is recognized globally for the campaigns it has successfully conducted. The people who are part of this movement are against any form of injustice and they stand for a just world for anyone and everyone.

They are not of any particular religion, nationality or race, it is a mixture of all kind of people who have come together to stand for a common cause. The main thing that drives them is hope.

They support human, civil and immigrants’ rights. Amnesty International does not matter whether it oppression that is coming from a larger body such as the government, they will stand up and fight against oppression, injustice and wrong governance among much more. They conduct thorough research before launching any of their campaigns to have their demands met.

The Carter Center is also an organization that was founded with the intentions of curbing the suffering of humans through supporting the human rights. It stands for these rights through conflict resolution, encouraging democracy and promoting freedom.

They have also stepped up by offering health solutions to the people in need. The Center seeks to provide measurable assistance in any form of pressing issues that affect the human rights. They believe that instilling knowledge and skills in people is a great step in helping individuals improve their lives. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The High Road for Human Rights is also known for voicing its concerns to the governments. This organization brings people who have common needs to share their thoughts on oppression to the higher authorities.

Anyone who has noted or experienced any form of oppression but they feel like they will not be able to make a statement alone can seek the assistance of the High Road for Human Rights so that they can be heard. This organization works on one fundamental goal, that is, to make a positive mark in the world.

The Larkey and Lacey Frontera Fund is an organization that was formed with the immigrants in mind. The Frontera Fund supports any other groups that stand for the human or civil rights of the oppressed in the society.

They are also supporters of the freedom of speech. Through their support, many organizations have been able to fight for justice and the rights of humans. They despise racism, inequality and any form of injustice towards any individual.

The fact that it began because of a wrongful arrest of Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey, they believe that fighting for the greater good is the end goal. Through this fund, immigrants have earned rights to exist with citizens fairly and justly.

As more people come together to fight for justice, equality and good governance, the world will definitely be a better place to be in. Every person, irrespective of their age, gender, race, social circle or economic status deserves to be treated with respect.

Organizations have been put in place to fight against oppression and injustice of any kind where there is a need. Individuals have also joined movements to air their concerns as groups in order to be heard.

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End Citizens United’s Sees Money as a Political Enemy

October 31, 2017

End Citizens United, a political action company, believes that there is conclusive evidence that a Russian company, closely connected to the Russian government, bought ads during the 2016 election for president to influence the outcome of the election.

End Citizens United (ECU) thinks that special investigator Robert Mueller, who has been investigating whether there was collusion between Russia and the Donald Trunp campaign, will be successful in his investigation. ECU is not confident that future interference by foreign entities will be stopped.

ECU”s view is that right-leaning politicians and their associates have interfering in campaigns for years. These politicians have allowed a huge amount of money to spend on candidates by donors who want these politicians to do what they want. ECU feels the current campaign finance systems is rigged.

According to ECU, the recent news that Russia bought ads on Facebook shows that America’s elections are not very strong. They think that America is not prepared to face this campaign finance issue. Foreign interference is not the only thing that America has to worry about. ECU thinks that megacorporations can use finance campaigns in a way to get the politicians do what they want.

ECU thinks that the Russia only had to spend $100,000 on Facebook and believes that in the future, foreign entities will continue to try to influence American politics. They could spend as much as they wanted to and law enforcement agencies will be there to stop them as it is not a priority for these agencies.

End Citizens was created to stop the effects of the Citizens United decision by the Supreme Court of the United States. The decision said that companies are the same as people and that money is an expression of their free speech. It made far easier for companies to fund campaigns because the government cannot regulate it as they would want to. Money is protected speech so you can’t put limits on it.

ECU wants to negate the effect of money on politics and make sure that local or foreign entities will not overly influence what politicians do. They want to reform the current political system. They want to make it better on the state and federal levels.

End United Citizens does endorse certain politicians. Recently, they endorsed 17 candidates for races in the House of Representatives in DC. Some of them are Nannette Barragan, Scott Peters, Elizabeth Esty, Anthony Brown and Josh Gottheimer. For the US Senate, it has endorsed Kyrsten Sinema for the race in Arizona. If you want to get rid of money in politics, it would help to vote for these people. To learn more about us: click here.

If you want to contact them, you can find them on Facebook and Linkedin.

ECU wants money out of politics and everything it does is a reflection of that goal.

Drew Madden, The Emblem Of Tech Healthcare Services.

Information technology diffuses well with an inquisitive mind. Such is Drew Madden, an IT entrepreneur who has invested in healthcare in research and practicing tech. Healthcare technology has lead to the development of electronically data mined clinical procedures that can quickly track a patient’s profile. In partnership with University of Chicago, UC San Francisco, and Stanford Medicine, machine learning is now possible.

Ideally, machine learning entails the ability to accurately tell a medical condition beforehand, whether or not a patient needs to be taken in. The duration of hospital stay and treatment options suitable for that person normally individualized. This will eliminate misinterpretation of medical condition or misdiagnosis. Interestingly, Machine learning can point to risk diseases such as heart failure, pneumonia before even the symptoms manifest.

Google Brain researchers are tirelessly working to avail all data and aid its distribution. They put much emphasis on sharing information with the hospital, exchange to filter out and aid invention. If machine learning takes a foot, there will be standardization of medical events in patients with similar characteristics. Google is however under the HIPAA privacy policies and also in Level 7 FHIR Health standards.

About Drew Madden

He was born Nordic Drew Madden but is commonly known as Drew Madden. Mr. Madden is IT entrepreneur focusing his energies on healthcare. He is the president of Nordic Consulting Partners since 2010. He has grown the company to a workforce of over 725 employees and garnered 150 client partners. Mr. Madden has moved revenues from $1,000,000 to $130,000,000


Drew Madden is an alumnus of Iowa University College of Engineering majoring in the medical engineering system. He obtained a B.S.E degree honorably. He began practicing at Cerner Corporation, and then joined Optuminsight a subsidiary of United Healthcare. Drew Madden has also worked an EpicCare and Willow consultant and business developer.

Generally, he is enthusiastic about the electronic medical record and optimizes use and procedures using technology in healthcare provision. In 2012 and 2014, Drew Madden’s value contribution in healthcare IT made him be consecutively named in the#one ranking for implementation of services. He also has the KLAS Awards for consulting excellence.

David Giertz Explains Being Ready for Retirement

October 27, 2017

Enjoying a successful retirement is a long-term goal that many individuals want to achieve in their lifetime, but the actual planning and preparation for those years is often overlooked. Financial expert and industry professional David Giertz explains numerous ways that each individual can confidently retire with the right assets.

David Giertz explains that retirement planning is based on the individual’s annual income and how much money may be suitable for investment. Any person who wants to retire at what is now the standard age of 65 will need approximately 13 times their yearly salary to be prepared. However, Giertz adds that early retirement (age 55) typically requires almost 33 times an individual’s yearly salary.

Regarding investments, the individual should be thoughtful about mitigating risk. According to David Giertz, having a savings account mixed with investing in different types of securities will give the individual a combination of various risk levels and returns. Giertz also recommends investing in healthcare savings to be financially stable in the case of any medical needs.

David Giertz has over 30 years of experience as a certified financial advisor. He is currently the President of the sales and distribution services at Nationwide Investment Services Corporation. Giertz works out of the Dublin, Ohio offices and acts as a broker to help clients purchase investment-related products. His experience comes from his history as an advisor at other notable firms such as Citicorp Investment Services and Financial Horizons Securities Corporation.

Prior to beginning his career, David Giertz graduated from Millikin Univeristy in Illinois and received a Bachelor of Science in business. He also earned his Executive MBA degree from the University of Miami. Giertz stays active in the community and contributes his time to charitable organizations. He has served on the Board for the Girl Scouts of Broward County and Millikin University’s Board of Trustees.

Lime Crime Introducing the New Polly Inspired Eyeshadow Palette

October 19, 2017

The beauty and makeup industry have seen a complete transformation in the past few years, thanks to the entre of many new companies and the introduction of a range of unique beauty and makeup products. One of the makeup companies that have been in the news for all the right reasons since its launch in 2008 is Lime Crime. The company offers only Vegan products that are certified by PETA, which means that it only uses simple raw materials without the use of unhealthy chemicals in the manufacturing of its makeup products. The makeup products of Lime Crime are known to be unique and its color variations, whether it is eyeshadow or blushes, is known to be unique. It has attracted the attention of many of the customers, especially the young generation.

Lime Crime understands its target audience clearly, and it is evident from the fact that the company recently launched eyeshadow palettes in a Polly Packet inspired packaging. The Polly Packet inspired eyeshadow palette is nostalgic for the girls who went to school or college around the 1990s as it is a game that was hugely popular among the girls at that time, and continues to be one of the most nostalgic memories of early 1990s among the women. Lime Crime has restarted the trend by offering these palettes in three different combinations, and each palette consists of five shades. The five tones that the palette would contain would range from bright to neutral so that the customers can use them as per their preferences and have the choices to play with.

Customers can choose to buy these new Polly inspired palettes individually or all the three palettes collectively from the company’s site. The company has revolutionized the makeup and beauty industry through its highly innovative range of products, which are preferred by the youth these days. Moreover, the ability of the company to deliver on the expectations of the customers by the latest trends has helped Lime Crime to stay afloat in such a competitive beauty and makeup industry. Lime Crime is one of the most competitive and famous makeup brands today.

Like Wine? You’ll Love Traveling Vineyard

October 15, 2017

Traveling Vineyards makes great Napa Valley wines available to wine enthusiasts everywhere and seeks to bring people together over a shared love of wine, rather than make wine seem pretentious and elitist. They are frequent visitors to the Napa Valley and here are three places to visit that are non vineyards. If you are looking for something to check out beside the vineyards, give these places a visit!

Art lovers can check out the 3-D exhibits from artists all over the country at the famed Napa Art Walk. As a bonus, any purchases you make will generate a portion of funds go back into funding art shows in the future.

For the truly adventurous, you can visit Robert Louis Stevenson State Park which is home to the gorgeous Mount St. Helena. The area has gorgeous scenery, a beautiful skyline and miles of hiking trails and streams.

Calistooga Ranch Resort provides fun for the outdoor enthusiast. There are on site hot air balloon rides, painting classes, yoga and biking for couples and families.

If you are interested in becoming a wine guide, it can be a great way to revolutionize your career path. Many wine guides simply start out doing it part time, but after seeing such great income generated choose the path to being their own boss and do it as their full time career.

When you start as a wine guide you are assigned to your own personal leader. This leader will serve as your guide to success at Traveling Vineyard and will coach you the entire way. At Traveling Vineyard, the company wants you to be your own boss but still know that you’re never alone. The company also offers an online experience called “The Tasting Room.” This is an online portal that offers a variety of tools to help you see success and continued learning.

Many people are initially hesitant to become a Wine Guide because they fear that they don’t know enough about wine to be successful. That is why Traveling Vineyard offers their new Wine Guides with a full Sommology Kit. You literally don’t need to know anything about fine wines to get started as a Wine Guide, you just have to have a love of wine and a desire to work hard to gain financial independence.

If you are interested in becomming a Wine Guide, simply visit Traveling Vineyard’s website and learn how simple it is to get started in your new career.

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Greg Secker: A Great Entrepreneur and Philanthropist Today

October 12, 2017

Greg Secker is an English entrepreneur and was born on 18 February 1975. Mr. Secker is recognized for his prowess in the foreign exchange field and also has adequate knowledge when it comes to matters pertaining education on financial trading. Secker passed through the formal system of education where he attended the University of Nottingham and studied Agricultural and food sciences. Greg started his career humbly as just but a mere trading technologist in Thomas Cook. While at Thomas Cook Financial services, Greg Secker developed foreign exchange systems. In 1998, he amused his fellow employees as he created the Virtual Trading Desk which would later earn him a British Telecom Award.

At just 25 years, Greg Secker was appointed as Vice-president Mellon Financial institution. Secker was also a keen follower of philosophy. It is even wiser to say Greg Secker had a passion for philosophy. In 2010, Greg Secker founded the Greg Secker Foundation. The Greg Secker foundation’s main objective was to aid in boosting the quality of lives that people had all around the world. It also made partnerships with some other youthful organizations or movements to ensure the youth can get access to quality education. Later, after the Typhoon Yolanda incident, Greg Secker stepped up and showed just how much he cared for humans.

Greg pioneered the “Build a House, Build a Home” project that was key to aiding the setting up to over 100 homes in Lemery. This is what surely earned him recognition as a member of the board of Ambassadors for City Philanthropy in March 2017. As if not enough, he would later earn a place in the “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.” In his recent interview by Lynn Fosse of CEOCFO magazine, Greg Secker sites that the major importance of the Greg Secker Foundation was to equip youths with the appropriate skills to shape up their lives before reaching the age of 30 years. Greg also speaks of the reason he shares his knowledge around the world. He believes that each person is entitled to have access to life-changing tools. He reveals that teaching someone how to make money is giving them the chance to make free choices.