Academy of Art University Gives A Glimpse Of The Future At NYFW

April 4, 2018

When it comes to the world of high fashion, few events are as noteworthy as New York Fashion Week. This year’s runway display of models, fashion, and celebrities was no different, though it did offer something unique. Thanks to the Academy of Art University’s own School of Fashion, attendees were given a glimpse of what future generations will be wearing.

 New York Fashion Week Showcases the Hottest Up and Coming Talent

There wasn’t a crystal ball on the runway to really give us a look at future fashions. Instead, that insight came in the form of outfits designed by some of the most promising School of Fashion students that the Academy of Art University has to offer. The university took advantage of the event to put on its 21st annual show, featuring the best work from its design students.

The event took place at Skylight Clarkson Square, showcasing the talents of 10 of the school’s recent MFA and BFA graduates. The former students were given the opportunity to present five menswear and two women’s wear outfits. The graduates also worked together on two collaborations. Speaking about the collections, Simon Ungless, who serves as Executive Director of the School of Fashion, said each ensemble had a style of its own. Even though there was a high degree of originality to be gleaned from the fashion show, Ungless added that the students worked well together to create the collection.

About the Academy of Art University

Founded in San Francisco in 1929 by Richard S. Stephens, the school was first called the Academy of Art College. While it was much smaller in its early years, today the facility has a student body of 12,600 individuals. The school employs 283 full-time instructors, as well as providing teaching opportunities for 1,154 part-time teachers.

Today, the Academy of Art University is the country’s largest and most successful private art and design university. The primary campus makes its home in the South Market District and is found on New Montgomery Street, making the institution the biggest property owner in the city of San Francisco. The school offers MFA and BFA degrees in 25 areas of interest.

Telereal Trillium Top Executive Graham Edwards

April 3, 2018

Telereal Trillium is one of the United Kingdom’s largest real estate management and investment companies, and ever since its founding in 2001, it has been led by CEO Graham Edwards, who has been instrumental in carrying out negotiations that has helped the company acquire a number of properties over the years. The English businessman was responsible for landing a 30-year $2.4 billion outsourcing deal with British Telecom that involved the management of its 6,700 properties.

Having worked in leadership roles at companies like Merrill Lynch Investment Management and Talisman Global Asset Management, Graham Edwards Telereal brought decades of experience to Telereal. In 2009, his strategic negotiation skills led to the acquisition of Trillium from a company called Land Securities Group, and afterwards the company’s name was changed to include its newly acquired property. After this transaction, it wasn’t long before Telereal Trillium, which is the manager of properties that are occupied by The Department for Work and Pensions, became the leader in the real estate outsourcing industry.

Graham Edwards was educated in Economics, and in International Relations and National Security Studies, at Cambridge University and at Kings College, where he received Master of Arts degrees in both majors. In addition to being a very effective business executive, he is also an involved and active philanthropist who sits on the board of organizations such as One Voice Europe and British Friends of the Hebrew University, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, or the ACA, in England and Wales. He is also connected with foundations like Portland Trust, UK MDA, United Jewish Israel Appeal and World Ort and Pennies, among other charitable organizations.

Under his direction, Telereal Trillium, which is based in London, has grown to the point where it now has an annual income of $1 billion. On top of servicing The Department for Work and Pensions, the company also has a variety of clients in several other industries such as Royal Mail, Barclays, Virgin Media, BT and The Birmingham City Council. Other business interests Graham Edwards has are in the areas of mining, software, water and engineering.


NGP VAN Has Tips To Help Organize Your Next Rally.

March 30, 2018

The political rally has been around for a long time. These had a popular run in the 1960’s but, even in the modern world running a rally is a great way to stand up and speak without using violence. NGP VAN has recently posted about this topic in depth and by using some of these simple tips, your next rally can be the best it ever was. A rally creates excitement and can be a positive influence on many events.

There are many reasons to run a rally and by following a few guidelines set in place by NGP VAN on their website you can make the rally amazing and awesome. So, here are a few tips to help you get started. We hope you enjoy them and use them for the good and peacefulness of all.

First, make sure the rally you are organizing is a match with your thoughts, actions and feelings. It takes time to organize a rally of any size and you want to make sure that you have everything just right because you want the outcome to be just right. As a result you have to make sure you re standing up for what is in your heart, mind and soul. You can use a rally to introduce an idea to people from any walk of life, to gain support, votes or something else.

Second thing you will want to do is plan it all out. There may be things you cannot control, but, things like getting a sound system, contacting a business for support and more can all be planned for. Don’t forget to pick a location too.

The third thing you will want to do is advertise that the rally is going to happen. You can use most any form of advertisement from local businesses to word of mouth to social media or a website like the one that NGP VAN uses to keep people up to date.

One more important tip to keep the flow going. Once you gain support for your rally, transform it into something bigger and down to earth that hits home. Supporter energy can be the fuel for a full blown, home grown grassroots movement that has an action plan and gets things done.

Find tips like these on NGP VAN’s Facebook page!


Dr. Dov Rand and Bioidentical Hormones

March 27, 2018

Dr. Dov Rand is a rehabilitation doctor, psychiatrist, and doctor of physical medicine. He received his schooling at the Albert Einstein Medical Center, located in New York. Dr. Rand makes a point to only practice medicine and medical procedures that have been peer-reviewed. Dr. Dov Rand will not use means that have no medical journal backing.

In his work as an anti-aging professional, Dr. Dov Rand has studied bioidentical hormones. These are hormones that are created in compound pharmacies. These hormones are derived from natural sources, like yams or soybeans. These hormones are identical, on a molecular level, to the hormones naturally produced by the human body.

Because they are identical to the natural hormones in the body, bioidentical hormones are accepted without question by the systems of the body. Unlike synthetic hormones, the body does not view bioidentical hormones as a foreign substance (

Synthetic hormones are altered at a molecular level, and are not natural, nor are they chemically     identical or compatible with the natural hormones in the human body. Because they are molecularly modified, these hormones are not natural to the body and are often rejected by the existing natural hormones in the body. When synthetic hormones are used, usually in an anti-aging process, a myriad of problems can occur, including the body’s complete rejection of these molecularly altered chemicals.

Because natural occurrences, such as natural hormone creation, is not patentable, big pharmaceutical groups are able to take advantage of patentable synthetic hormones, even though they might not work.

Bioidentical hormones, because they are derived from plants, are considered natural, and are there for unable to be patented. The patent is not an issue for bioidentical hormones and is one of the biggest things that separates them from synthetic hormones.

Dr. Dov Rand is board certified in functional medicine, regenerative medicine, and anti-aging medicine. He implements naturally derived bioidentical hormones in many of his treatments.


Glen Wakeman’s Rise to the Top

Every investor aims to have their business grow and generate high revenue to sustain their needs. Different individuals use different routes to achieve this satisfaction. Glen Wakeman began his journey by investing in his education. He is an alumnus of the University of Chicago, where he acquired his MBA ( Glen also has a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scranton, not to forget his Six Sigma Black Belt certified. Currently, he is the CEO and Co-Founder of LaunchPad Holdings.

Glen Wakeman says he began the company to help young business persons. He realized that many startups failed in their early years despite them having the best ideas. The leading reason that caused failure of the young investors is the failure to distinguish an idea and a plan. To rescue them, they thought it would be wise to make a plan with a simple software platform to simplify the job for them.

Glen Wakeman has a routine that he follows every day at work. He begins the day by counting all the previous day’s numbers. He then meets up with his partner, where they divide the duties between themselves based on what needs to be evaluated that day. They later research to know what their competitors are up to, to know what they are up against and avoid being ambushed. They also research on their customers’ trend. They end the day by taking margarita, tea or coffee depending on how their day was.

Glen’s journey to the top has not been a walk in the park. He has had his tough moments, but through them, he has learned valuable lessons that have helped him even in his great moments. When he was still in college, he needed to raise funds for his college fee. It was during summer, and the only job that was available was cleaning washrooms of an auto parts factory. He says that the washrooms were greasy, dirty and disgusting. It is the worst job he has ever done in his life. However, it is through this job that he raised the money to go to college and propel him to where he is today (Dailyforexreport).

Donation Advocate, Perry Mandera

The spirit of Giving, Perry Mandera.

Perry Mandera, a graduate of the University of Chicago, joined the United States Marine Corps Reserves in 1975. At the reserve, Perry learned how to drive trucks which made him eligible to work for several transportation companies and later launch his company. Also, he is known for his acts of generosity and gleefully giving back to the community.


Perry’s Development in Transport Industry

Before starting his company in 1986, Customer Cares Charities. Perry worked at Republican Party in Chicago as a committeeman. His company has received huge recognition due to its incredible full-transportation services to its clients. In 2000, Mandera was included in “Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium.” This achievement has allowed him to be part of the Board of Directors of the Illinois Transportation Association (ITA). Some of the services offered by CC, Inc. include air freight forwarding for both foreign and domestic companies, contract and local cartage, and bonded warehouses (Askreporter) .

Under Perry’s leadership, the Custom Companies’ uses several advanced technologies to satisfy their customers. Here are the techniques:

Cheetah Dispatch- This is a dynamic software that allows real-time access to pick up times and delivery information.

Warehouse Management System- this software assists in running and tracking inventory.

Dock management system (DMS) – This is a paperless technology used for dock management. The system depends on barcodes that are assigned to specific shipments.


Perry Mandera’s Efforts of Generosity

Perry Mandera is a committed charitable giver. This is evident from various forms such as employing hundreds of youths in his company. His contribution revolved around military servants, children, and the fight against cancer. For instance, Mandera provided transportation of winter coats to needy children, relief transportation to victims of natural calamities in Washington, Illinois and contributing thousands of dollars to the needy. Some of his charitable organizations are Walter and Connie Python foundations.

Lastly, Mandera has diverse interests in different fields. Apart from leadership and charity. Perry is also involved in sports. He coaches youths in basketball, baseball, and football. Moreover, he has offered financial assistance in boxing. Also, he insists for protection of the environment by applying the smart way program which helps reduce carbon emissions.


Waiakea Water — Sustainable Water from a Sustainable Source

There are companies around the world that sell bottled water, but none can compare to Waiakea Water. Waiakea Hawaiian Volcano Water is one of the purest spring waters on the market. The bottled water industry is valued at more than $100 billion globally and it is still growing. So, how did one small company differentiate itself from the others in the crowd? Easy, the water is sourced from a volcanic spring and the founder decided to stick to an environmental approach. The company is based in Hawaii and the product is filtered and bottled on the island. Staying true to Hawaiian virtues, the company bottles its water in an environmentally friendly way. The bottles are made from 100% biodegradable plastic! This plastic, unlike other plastic bottles, can be broken down in just 15 years! Other bottles that are used by bottled water companies can take up to 1000 years to decompose. This degradable material helps solve the pollution problem presented by bottled water.

When Waiakea Water is sourced, it comes from the Mauna Loa volcano. The 14,000 feet of volcanic rock filter impurities out of the water and cool it as it flows through down the volcano. At the bottom, it is collected and transported for bottling. Environmentally friendly bottles and water straight from an environmental source are integral parts of the company culture which draws inspiration from Hawaiian culture. It is important to embrace the environment and give back to the source that provides life. By using biodegradable water bottles and volcanic water, Waiakea Water has presented themselves as the hip new company to drink from.

The founder is the youngest entrepreneur in the water industry and has made it his mission to work with other young entrepreneurs. He has maintained his level of success by continuing to stick with his excellent intuition and innovation. His focus on his craft has carried him through the years and it will continue to build the company. He has created the best water on the market and may be able to assist with solving the pollution problem which has been caused by excessive corporate culture.

Vijay Eswaran: Taking Chances as a Business Owner

March 24, 2018

Some people want to start a business to increase their income. Others want to make a positive impact on the world. Vijay Eswaran is a business coach and motivational speaker who inspires thousands of people each year.

Vijay Eswaran started a business many years ago. His first business was a complete failure. Not only did his company go out of business, but it took him years to pay down all of his debt. After several additional attempts, he finally started a successful company. He decided to teach others all the business lessons that he learned during his career.

Focus on Growth

Growing a business is not easy. Few people understand how complicated the process can be. One of the biggest mistakes that people make in business is neglecting planning. Few people write a solid business plan for the future. Marketing should be an essential aspect of any business plan.

Without marketing, it is impossible to improve a company. Online marketing should be a significant aspect of a marketing plan. Most customers search for a company online before making any purchasing decision. Companies that lack a strong web presence could potentially lose sales.

Motivational Speaking

Vijay Eswaran speaks across the country to inspire others. Many people have heard his speeches on success. Vijay Eswaran firmly believes that anyone can be successful if they work hard enough. There are numerous opportunities for people to improve their life.

Vijay Eswaran encourages people to challenge themselves in every area of their life. Some people want to make their life as comfortable as possible. Instead of taking this approach, people should set massive goals in all areas.

In the years ahead, Vijay Eswaran plans to speak to more people than ever before. He is hiring multiple workers to help him during this process. His company is growing, but he wants to continue improving as a speaker.

Malcolm CasSelle Brings Much Needed Blockchain Functionality to In Game Asset Transactions

March 22, 2018

The online gaming community has been plagued by a number of problems with micro transactions involving virtual game assets.

Lack of transaction oversight has resulted in gamers becoming the victims of fraud. Transacting in different currencies requires a costly third party to be inserted into the exchange.

Malcolm CasSelle’s company OPSkins is looking to solve these and other issues with its cryptocurrency solution targeted specifically for in game asset transactions.

The worldwide leader in purchase and sell exchanges of in game assets OPSkins has come up with a blockchain-based solution, WAX (Worldwide Asset Exchange), that will promote democratic, decentralized and smart contract exchanges.

WAX’s cryptocurrency solution is designed to facilitate the in game transactions from the beginning of the process through its built in functionality that allows users to tokenize and offer their digital assets for sale without having to click away from their current gaming console.

Through the non intrusive on screen widget, gamers get a powerful set of blockchain features that enable them to immediately engage in secure transactions with gamers around the globe.

The WAX token, is a universal digital gaming currency solving the fragmentation problems created when different users transact in different cryptos and have to involve a third party exchange to perform the conversion for the transactions.

WAX will also implement a more efficient proof of stake algorithm, rather than the proof of work utilized by other digital currencies.

This blockchain will be managed by 64 Guilds, which are “elected” confirmation nodes, chosen by the community, giving gamers more control and oversight over how the transactions are recorded.

Smart contracts will eliminate fraud by only releasing the funds when the assets are received and vice versa, ending the days of good faith gamers being cheated by unscrupulous members in the community.

As is the case with other cryptocurrencies, the WAX token will function as a medium of exchange and as a store of value.

Malcolm CasSelle

President of WAX and founder and CIO of OPSkins Malcolm CasSelle earned his undergraduate degree from MIT University and his Master’s in Computer Science from Stanford University.

Between 2006 and 2013 CasSelle served as Director of Hong Kong’s Capital Union Investments. Prior to forming WAX, he was CEO of the social gaming network XFire, CEO of the digital content framework firm MediaPass and served as Senior VP of Digital Media for Seachange International.

A Glimpse of Glen Wakeman

March 18, 2018

Glen Wakeman is a global executive, a writer, an investor, a mentor, and an entrepreneur. He has lived in six different countries and has traveled to countless others during the requirements of his many occupations. He has worked with or advised during the exchange of over 15 billion dollars in assets during his career. Wakeman is an expert in leadership development, capital markets and business transformation (Ideamensch). Wakeman currently holds the position of CEO at Launchpad Holdings, which he co-founded.

When asked where he got the idea for Launchpad holdings, Wakeman told the interviewer that he liked to be the middle man between inventive individuals and the money. He finds talented people and supplies them with the finances necessary to turn their dreams into a reality. Wakeman says his job is to present the ideas to others. He creates an outline and creates a tangible plan of achievement. Once he has a way to present a particular idea he shops it around until he finds someone interested in financing it.

Wakeman contributes his curiosity to his success, his curiosity provides him with the ability to learn about subjects that he doesn’t already know about. Only when you fully understand the way something works can you change them and make them better.

Wakeman hasn’t always been a success. At one point in time, Wakeman tried to launch a company called “Snappy Answers,” a series of pre-recorded messages that people could purchase and transfer to their answering machines. Wakeman says ultimately it failed because he didn’t have a marketing plan and he didn’t have the funds to make it through the initial start-up. Wakeman also didn’t expect it to be so difficult to transfer the recordings to a customer’s answer machine.

Glen Wakeman recommends that anyone looking to get into business read “The Art of War” by Sun Tzu. He says that he learned a lot about teamwork, preparation and discipline from the book and that if you read it you will find that it is full of wisdom that is still relevant in today’s world.