Matt Badiali Sheds Light On The Looming Spike In Oil Prices Due To Iranian Oil Crisis

September 9, 2018

As per Matt Badiali, people ought to brace themselves for a possible rise in oil prices in the wake of the Iranian oil crisis.

This year, it is virtually inevitable that the cost of oil will shoot this coming fall. The United States pulled out of a trade pact they signed with Iran in 2015, allowing the Middle Eastern country to export oil to other states. Now, the U.S has decided to put trade sanctions back on starting this November.

These sanctions are significant to Iran because the country alone managed to import more than 2.2 million oil barrels everyday in July. That more oil than Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United States can produce.

Nothing Can Hardly Go Wrong with Oil

Speculators see no looming danger in oil markets. In fact, countries like China refuse to heed to the U.S embargo, and continue to import Iranian oil. China imported 806,000 barrels in July from 450,000 barrels imported in January this year.

Due to the competition of this essential resource, Iranian oil supply will fall, forcing countries like Japan, South Korea and United Arab Emirates to make up for the short fall by importing from U.S.

That alone is not a reason for the prices to go up because there are more than 900,000 barrels in surplus in market currently. It means the situation can hardly take a plunge. Venezuela’s supply cannot plummet any further. Also, there can’t be negative disruptions ion Nigeria or Libya. Hence, if everything go right, oil prices are expected to remain steady for a considerable while.

Unexpectedly, that the notion with most speculators. According to Commitment of Traders Survey by Commodities Futures Trading Council, speculators are most bearish about oil prices since 2016. And they were wrong then. That’s why Mr. Badiali is advocating for people to invest in Platinum Hedge Fund.

About Matt Badiali

Matt Badiali is a graduate from the Penn State University with a degree in Sciences; a Master’s Degree in Geology from Florida Atlantic University and a PhD Degree from North Carolina University.

In 2004, he entered the financial industry, and through combining his expertise in science and finance, Matt Badiali has advised many entrepreneurs who are now managing successful investments.

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Super Angel Investor Shervin Pishevar Let’s Loose On Twitter

August 31, 2018

Shervin Pishevar is classified not as an angel investor, but a super angel investor. That means investing is his primary profession, not just a sideline. It also means he gets in early on innovative, high-stakes ventures.

Mr. Pishevar is very good at what he does. He has backed some of the biggest success stories of the past decade. Names like Uber, Airbnb, Munchery, Tumblr, Warby Parker and many others are in his portfolio. Shervin Pishevar was also the co-founder of Hyperloop One and Investment company .

He’s made millions, so when a guy like this embarks on an epic Twitter rant, people take notice. That does not mean, however, that every Twitter proclamation from Shervin Pishevar is equivalent to a statement coming down from the infinite cosmic source of all eternal intelligence.

Rather, Pishevar’s recent Tweetstorm seemed more like a freelance rant that was meant to blow off steam. He opined on a broad array of topics, including the fate of Silicon Valley, inflation, cryptocurrency and some of the world’s biggest corporations.

On inflation, Shervin Pishevar proclaimed that it may be a relic of the past. He said the United States has effectively been exported its inflation abroad through trade policy and practice. Is that really true? Economists certainly have varied opinions.

Shervin Pishevar would seem to be a fan of cryptocurrency, although his comments on Bitcoin were a mixed bag. He suggested that Bitcoin is vastly overvalued and may tumble in coming months. But, he said, Bitcoin may settle in at perhaps $2,000 to $5,000. What he likes about cryptocurrency is the fact that it is, in his words, “a stateless currency.” That provides key advantages to new investors looking for ways to leverage start-up cash.

Mr. Pishevar offered highly critical ideas about such giants as Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet. He suggested that these behemoths have been allowed to grow too large. They stifle innovation on the bottom level, he said, making it harder for new people with fresh ideas to gain traction.

In fact, Shervin Pishevar said that the historic dominance of Silicon Valley itself may soon be over. He said Silicon Valley has become more of an “idea” than a specific region where high-tech innovation have gathered and formed a specific culture.

It remains to be seen if the epic Tweetstorm of a legendary investing mogul will come to pass as reality or just be forgotten.

Education Secretary Betsy Devos

August 22, 2018

Most people don’t realize that Betsy Devos has been fighting multiple battles in her time as US Education Secretary. She has polarized America on the issue of educational reform. She believes that most people who criticize the programs don’t really understand what it is that she is trying to do, which is something much different than what is portrayed on media.


For one, she believes that educational choice is the best way to help students. Educational choice is the option for students to select where they want to go to school. Otherwise, if they are zoned for failing schools, the students must attend those schools. This is a program that makes students less excited about going to school and therefore more prone to perform badly. She believes that educational choice provides new opportunities to make students feel better about their education.


Educational choice has been incredible in some areas of the country. For example, Florida has fully accepted the program and now has the most educational choice options. Students all over the state can choose to go to a magnet program, virtual school, homeschooling program, private school, or charter school. Florida also has the only tuition-based scholarship program that allows students to get vouchers to go to private schools. This is where public school teachers have an issue as they believe public funding will be going towards these vouchers.


However, Devos says that philanthropy has paid for much of these programs, including donations from her own foundation. She also has donors on her side like Bill Gates of Microsoft, Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook, and Sam Walton of Walmart. These philanthropists have raised millions of dollars to support educational choice programs.


Devos believes that the programs will eventually become more popular. Right now she is focused on school safety, as she has been appointed by President Trump to improve upon school safety. Does that mean teachers with guns? Betsy hopes not. She wants to see a future where students can go to school not afraid of any gun being on campus, and she is working with legislators to make campuses safe for all students and teachers.


The new regulations and policies for school safety are already in effect for the 2018 to 2019 school year. It will be interesting to see if any improvements have been made.


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HCR Wealth Advisors Specializes in Helping High-Net-Worth Individuals

August 21, 2018

HCR Wealth Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm specializing in servicing high-net-worth individuals. Unlike money management firms, the professionals at HCR Wealth Advisors are wealth advisors, meaning that they establish a relationship with the client through education and create personalized financial strategies. Wealth managers such as HCR Wealth Advisors earn a fee based on their advisory services. Money managers, in contrast, simply invest funds and are compensated based on performance.


The advantage of hiring a wealth advisor is that the client’s money is not simply invested in a fund. Rather, HCR Wealth Advisors develops a strategy with the client’s specific goals in mind. The company has a 7-step plan for devising a client’s personalized financial strategy.


HCR Wealth Advisors’ first step is to identify the client’s current financial situation and establish his or her goals. This is balanced against the client’s current and future needs in the second step. In the third step, HCR Wealth Advisors and the client work together to determine which investments are most appropriate.


HCR Wealth Advisors’ fourth step is to give the client access to their own online account that allows them to keep track of their investments around-the-clock. A client’s needs may change, however, and so the fifth step involves evaluating the client’s investments on a regular basis.


Finally, in the sixth step and seventh steps, HCR Wealth Advisors monitors the client’s progress and makes adjustments where necessary. This type of individualized service is best suited to high-net worth individuals seeking a team-based approach. In addition to traditional investments, such as fixed-income and equity investments, HCR Wealth Advisors advises clients on alternative investments, such as private securities.


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How Matt Badiali Reveals Special Investment Opportunities To The Masses

August 19, 2018

Many investors are always looking for an edge in the markets. Now, one financial analysis is helping individual investors with special investment opportunities unknown to the general public. That financial expert Matt Badiali, is helping everyday investors get an edge in the market.

In a recent interview, Matt Badiali revealed a special investment opportunity known as “Freedom Checks.” This special type of payment is made by 568 companies that are structured unlike typical companies. These businesses specialize in oil and gas storage, production and transportation and are known as Master Limited Partnerships or MLPs.

By law, these MLPs must pay back at least 90% of their revenue back to their investors. These payments or “Freedom Checks” are usually made monthly. And, most notably, these payments are considered a return of investment, not a dividend. That means that these “Freedom Checks” are not subject to capital gains tax.

These “Freedom Checks” are just one of the many opportunities Matt Badiali has revealed to his newsletter readers. Mr. Badiali is currently the author of “Real Wealth Strategist” and “Front Line Profits.” These newsletters, available from Banyan Hill Publishing, have attracted thousands of readers over the past several years.

Unlike other financial experts, Matt Badiali has a unique background that allows him to find insights overlooked by other Wall Street insiders. Educated as a Geologist, Mr. Badiali is able to ask specialized questions that gives him an edge. For instance, Mr. Badilai is able to determine the skill level of a gas or oil drill team and know how long it will take them to drill a hole.

In a recent interview with Inspirery, Matt Badiali revealed his typical work day and how it helps him remain productive. Instead of working out of a traditional office, Mr. Badiali works from home. After getting up at 6:45 AM, Mr. Badiali has breakfast and sees his children to school. By 8:30 AM, Mr. Badiali is in front of his computer, ready to do his research. After doing his research, Mr. Badiali finds a unique and creative way to explain research findings to his readers. As he continues to find investment opportunities, Mr. Badiali will reveal unique investment insights unavailable anywhere else.

Gareth Henry: The Hedge Fund Manager Taking Fortress Investment Group to Greater Heights

August 18, 2018

Gareth Henry recently grabbed the headlines by touting Brazil as the best investment destination. As the Chief Executive of Fortress Investment Group, the formidable hedge fund manager firmly believes in Brazil as a ripe investment hub especially with the diverse business opportunities and a favorable political environment. While speaking at the Alpha Hedge West conference in San Francisco, the shrewd hedge fund manager reiterated on the profitable equity market coupled with low-interest rates. According to Henry, fantastic trades had been made so far with the momentum expected to surpass the upcoming elections. Such sentiments have been echoed by Mike Novogratz, Fortress Investment Group’s executive claiming that the expected changes at the political helm should rally a massive transformation in Brazilian assets.

Overseas, Gareth J. Henry has also poised Japan as a favorable investment destination especially in the wake of a robust economic stimulus package implemented by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Both Asian and international investors should consider making progressive investments in the country. In Scotland, the recent failed independence vote offered enormous opportunities to both novice and seasoned investors. Despite the uncertainty cloud hanging over for a while,Henry backs geopolitics and political change to retransform the financial sector.

Gareth Henry and his role in Fortress Investment Group’s Success

Fortress Investment Group broke boundaries by earning the highly coveted Credit-Focused Hedge Fund Firm of the Year at the Annual Investor’s Hedge Fund Industry Awards. The Accolade lauds institutions across the hedge fund sector that boasts pivoted success based on outstanding innovation, contributions and achievements in 2010. With over $13 billion in asset management and over 300 investment experts serving both institutional and private clients worldwide, Fortress has proven to be a beacon of excellence and craftsmanship.

Since his appointment in 2007, Gareth Henry has been credited with raising capital and strengthening client relationships in African, Middle Eastern and European markets. More importantly, Gareth Henry has played a pivotal role in offering alternative and traditional investment products that surpass clients’ needs. Henry previously worked as a Strategic Solutions Director at Schroders and offered seasoned advice to clients on liability-driven solutions and alternative investments. Mr. Henry is an alumnus of Heriot-Watt University with a first class honors degree and a Fellow of Society of Actuaries in the United States.

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod Collaboration

August 15, 2018

Jacob Gottlieb and Stuart Weisbrod are two successful healthcare investors that decided to go back on the same team once again. It all started when Weisbrod co founded Merlin in 1998. Merlin was an investment company that focused their energy on healthcare along with side factors like bio technology, pharmaceutical, and medical service. Weisbrod made a good reputation for himself and not to mention he had a good track record when he earned his phd for biochemistry from Princeton back in 1980. As the company grew he decided to partner up with Jacob Gottlieb who became his portfolio manager in 2000. Stuart soon realized he made the right choice when Jacob ended up earning Merlin returns of over 100%.

Soon after Weisbrod went on to create a new investment firm that was called “Iguana Health Care Partners”. It was a brand new company but shared a lot of the same ideas and strategies as Merlin. Coincidentally since Merlin was no longer in tact Gottlieb went on to create his own firm called Visium Asset Management. This company initially started with a $300 million dollar worth which later turned into $2.5 billion in 2008. After a lot of hard work the company maxed out at $8 billion dollars with 200 employers hired with offices in New York, London, and San Francisco. However despite the success, Visium ended up taking major damage in 2016 after 3 executives were accused of insider trading.

This was a devastation for the company but wasn’t the downfall. One thing to point out is that Gottlieb was never accused and continued to staying focused in maintaining his role as the founder and owner of Visium. Soon after Gottlieb and Weirsbrod decided to partner up again to build their companies into one. People expect great things from these two wise investors and its said that this will be a major impact on the healthcare industry.

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Sameer Jejurikar, respected plastic surgeon

August 14, 2018

The Compassionate Doctor Certification is a decided by the patients. Over 100 million patients throughout the United States choose who they feel is that year’s Compassionate Doctor Certification recipient. In 2013, Dr. Sameer Jejurikar was honored with this prestigious and important award. The winner of the patient’s choice award is determined using a scoring system. The 100 million plus patients score medical providers and based on the final score the winner is selected and honored. The 2013 vote included 870,000 currently practicing physicians. The results of the 2013 vote not only resulted in Dr. Jejurikar winning, but he was included in the top 3 %.

Sameer Jejurikar is a graduate of the University of Michigan and is an active member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Society and earned his undergraduate degree. Sameer is known for meticulous attention to detail, which is a good trait for a good plastic surgeon. Sameer completed his residency at The University Of Michigan Medical Center. Over the course of his 20-year career, Dr. Jejurikar has gained experience by working at the Manhattan Ear Noe, and Throat Hospital. During his time at the Manhattan ENT hospital, Sameer was an aesthetic surgeon, improving the skill that would be utilized throughout his professional career.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a board-certified plastic surgeon with over 20 years of experience in medicine. A renowned and respected plastic surgeon, Dr. Jejurikar practices medicine in the Dallas, TX area and is currently a member of the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. Today, Dr. Jejurikar has patients in eight hospitals including Dallas, Ennis, and Plano.

How Does Jacob Gottlieb Improve Investments For All Clients?

Jacob Gottlieb is one of the best hedge fund managers in the world today, and he has worked in a number of places that have improved because he was there. He has worked with partners, and he is now moving on to Altium to help lead their new group of investors. Look at what Jacob can do to help people make the most money possible.

  1. His Beginnings

Jacob Gottlieb has grown over the years after starting in the biomed industry. He was able to make the company grow as much as possible, and he went into the investment field because he was popular among new investors. He has works with a number of people in different capacities, and he is now moving on to Altium where he can help them grow into a better company.

  1. Altium

Jacob has come to Altium to help the company get as big as possible, and he wants to bring in new people who will be the core investors of the company. He is there to seek out as many people as possible, and he is using his expertise to help them make the correct investments.

  1. Why Is Jacob Popular?

Jacob is popular in the investment field because he is a nice person to talk to. Investors like working with him because they know that he can help them make the most money, and he believes that all his customers can grow their investments with diverse spending. He is familiar with many industries, and he knows how to work in each of those industries.

  1. Diverse Investing

Diverse investing is a big part of what Jacob does, and he wants his investors to have an identity that helps them make money. He is willing to look at new ways for his customers to invest, and he also wants to have people make choices that will help them get in on the ground level.

  1. Conclusion

The things that Jacob Gottlieb invests in are the best choices for his customers regardless of the industries he has chosen. He has proven his worth, and he has shown that he knows how to increase returns.

Bernardo Chua Has Known a Lifetime of Success

August 9, 2018

Bernardo Chua knows what success looks and feels like. He is the founder and CEO of ORGANO. Even as a child, Bernardo Chua had dreams of being a success. Early on, his dream was to become a doctor. He envisioned helping people to lead healthy and long lives. While this was his goal, his career took a different path.

His family owned a garment manufacturing business. He went to work for his family as a purchasing manager. So he exposed himself to business early on. When he was old enough, he went to work for the business as the youngest of a large family of 14 children. Later in life, he chose to expand his experience by managing a travel agency in the Philippines. Read more about Bernardo Chua

Bernardo Chua continued to grow his business abilities by instituting programs that helped the travel agency to expand throughout Southeast Asia. As a result of his success, the agency tasked him with opening a direct selling company that was just opening its regional office in the Philippines.

Once again, he leveraged his knowledge, drive, and experience to help his direct selling company to expand its reach in Asia. As the company decided to grow its presence in North America, it chose him to manage its Canadian operations. As anyone can see, his success kept following him. He then decided to move his family to Canada to avoid social and political problems in the Philippines.

After only six years in Canada, he took a leap and opened his own company called ORGANO. His company is now a mega success. While Chua never earned a medical degree, he kept true to his dream of making the lives of other people better. He also recognizes his own family as a blessing. They have always pushed him to be the best person he could be.

Some of his biggest inspiration comes from hearing how his company has changed a person’s life. These are the testimonials that indicate that he reached his goal of improving the lives of other people. Check out his Facebook page to learn more about his life and company.

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