Perry Mandera passion to help the community

February 2, 2018

Perry Mandera the owner of Custom Co. Inc has a passion for assisting the community for a social and economic progress. It is essential for an individual to focus on assisting the needy in the community for a proper flow of daily operations in the community. Perry Mandera founded Custom Co. Inc in 1986 after working for United States Marine Corps and as the Republican Ward Committeeman. The annual sales of the company are estimated at $ 200 million due to the acceptance of the company by the targeted market. The engagement in corporate social responsibility and charitable activities in the community positively contributes to increased sale. Perry Mandera focuses on assisting the needy in Chicago area and other parts of USA. The company focuses on ensuring that there is increased community assistance through the donations and other help to the society.
Perry Mandera’s Community Assistance

Perry Mandera is able to run Custom Companies Inc. effectively by making the public have a positive view of the companies. Perry Mandera has been able to come up with the coaching of youths in a different sport such as boxing, baseball, football, and basketball. The boxing sponsorship by has increased the number of youths willing to enter the sport thus keeping them away from drugs and gangs.

Perry Mandera has focused on assisting individuals in case of a natural disaster in properly handling the emergency facing the community, click here. Perry Mandera offers food, clothing and transport services to people affected by a disaster. Perry Mandera has been able to assist during the tornado, Hurricane Katrina and wildfire facing the community. The passion of assisting other people in the community by Perry Mandera has made it possible for Custom Co. Ltd to acquire a competitive edge in the transport industry. Perry Mandera has made it possible to deal with social issues facing the community through donations from Custom Companies Inc.

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