Perry Mandera’s Mission – Fighting For a Positive Change in Society

February 13, 2018

Perry Mandera, a man who successfully served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve, is equipped with the resolve and burning passion to make a difference in society. He is the proud owner of The Custom Companies, a full-service transportation business that has provided thousands of dollars, food, clothing, and other supplies to numerous families in times of crisis ( Perry Mandera is a true philanthropist with a heart of gold. His company provided 40 truckloads of food and essential items as relief service to those who suffered the brutal destruction caused by Hurricane Katrina. Mr. Mandera has also aided the victims of the California Wild Fires.

Mandera’s love for children is endless and undeniable. This generous entrepreneur has gifted more than 6,500 winter coats to underprivileged children. Moreover, Perry Mandera has also financially supported many organizations including the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls – a program that helps neglected children build the skills necessary to flourish in life. “The Green Thumbs For A Greener World” project is giving children the opportunity to reduce the carbon footprint in their community by planting flowers and performing other valuable practices, which can save the environment and human life.

Imbued with the spirit of compassion, Perry Mandera financially supports children who are underprivileged and have suffered abuse. In addition, he also supports The Jesse White Tumblers organization, which offers tutoring services to children who struggle with achieving the minimum grade requirement. This organization strives to keep children on the right track.

After accumulating experience at different transportation companies, Perry Mandera began his own business at the mere age of 23. Six years later, he started The Custom Companies Inc. – a company which has achieved noteworthy success and provides employment to more than 300 people.

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