Political Freedom Is A right Worth Fighting For In The Eyes Of Thor Halvorssen

January 29, 2017

Thor Halvorssen is a popular activist who has been involved in the human rights activist community since the late 1990s in a variety of roles. An aspect of the life of Thor Halvorssen that is not as well known is his role as a film producer that has taken him around the world to create impressive documentaries and fictional movies that often provide a glimpse into the personal interests of the winner of a Silver Medal from the Romanian government.

Beginning his film production career with a focus on documentaries the recent work of Halvorssen has seen him take a greater interest in producing fictional films with some of the best-known stars and creative people in Hollywood; Thor produced the 2009 short movie “2081” in 2009 and sees comparisons with his work in the human rights field found in the content of the short film. Based on Kurt Vonnegut’s short story “Harrison Bergeron“, this short movie shows the interest Thor Halvorssen has in human rights as the movie explores a possible future for the world that sees a dictatorial government using its power to remove human rights to make sure each and every person in the world is as equal as possible.

The need to help the people of the world who are left without their human rights often leads Thor into worthy, yet controversial areas of the world. “The Sugar Babies” documentary produced by Thor gives the viewer an insight into the problems facing migrant workers in the Dominican Republic who are struggling to cope with human trafficking issues while the wealthy owners of Dominican sugar plantations live in Florida’s Palm Beach growing rich off the illegal use of migrant workers across South and Central America.

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