Red Haired Remedy

May 13, 2017


Although shoujo anime is primarily geared toward young girls, there are quite a number of them that have crossover appeal. One such show is Snow White with the Red Hair (Akagami no Shirayuki-hime), which aired in the summer of 2015. Spanning two seasons and an OVA, Snow White with the Red Hair follows the heroine Shirayuki on her adventures after she escaped her home country of Tanbarun. With the aim of avoiding courtship with the prince of her country, this anime girl eventually encounters a boy named Zen who rescues her from an incident. Zen is later revealed to be the prince of the neighboring country. To repay him for his help, Shirayuki decides to move to his country in pursuit of becoming an herbalist in his court.


Upon arrival, Shirayuki quickly adapts toward the expectations of being Zen’s guest at the castle, where she is easily accepted by all of Zen’s subjects. Her independent nature lends itself well toward her ability to rise over the challenges set against her. She eventually wins acceptance from Zen’s older brother due to her capable personality.


Over the course of the series, Zen begins to harbor stronger feelings toward Shirayuki. He often feels he should be the one showing her more gratitude and not the other way around. It becomes clear to him that she is someone who can stand by him and not behind him. Shirayuki is just the right remedy for the young prince and his doubts regarding kingdom management.

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