Researchers Try to Stop The Aging Process With Neatly Packed DNA

May 1, 2015

Scientists have long understood the fountain of youth is in understanding the aging process of cells. Dr. Daniel Amen, available on his website OfSpirit knows that aging takes place within the billions of cells that create our body, and each cell slowly stops reproducing and eventually dies. Usually, all we notice are the wrinkles and increasingly creaky joints that go along with this process. That’s why scientists are excited about a new discovery which might hold the answer to protecting our cells from the aging process.

A study published in Science this week discussed the results regarding an exploration into the aging of cells, an experiment led by Juan Carlos Izpisua Belmonte at Salk Institute. The research focused on a gene known for accelerating the aging process , commonly known as Werner Syndrome (adult progeria). A disease which causes symptoms of old age in very young children such as osteoporosis and heart disease.

The scientists studied the DNA of children who had been diagnosed with Werner Syndrome, and what they found was pretty astonishing. The aging process was accelerated due to how the DNA was packaged inside of their cells, at least partially.

Therefore, if scientists could discover how to manipulate DNA into being tightly packed into the nucleus of cells, it would effectively stop the aging process in its tracks. Though, this feat has yet to be accomplished and the side effects of such manipulation is still a complete unknown.

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