Rocketship Education Is in Great Demand

October 11, 2017

Rocketship Education is a fresh, new approach to education which has parents and students excited about the future. The program is a non-profit network of schools at the elementary level primarily for students in low-income neighborhoods. The schools are usually found in places where excellent schools are not available.

When communities can come together for a common purpose, great things can happen. Rocketship education is one of those types of efforts where parents, teachers and students are in one accord about the results desired and the methods used to get there.

Rocketship learning has revised the thinking in regard to how students learn. The traditional methods of learning where one size fits all is not always as effective because different students have different ways of learning and different needs. The Rocketship model uses traditional instruction methods, individual tutoring and the use of technology so students can learn on their own.

Parent leaders are also developed within the school structure so that they are as fully involved as they wish to be. Parents become strong advocates and provide needed support for their children because they become engaged and know what is going on.

Students are called “Rocketeers” and they receive a set of personalized instruction paths based on their individual needs. These paths are tailored to meet their individual styles of learning. Every Rocketeer is then able to learn at their own pace without the complications of peer pressure or undue stress. Traditional learning models place all of the children in one learning path, where some get way ahead of the class and many fall behind with no hope of catching up.

So the model that seems to work best for a diversity of students is what is called a blended model of learning. This model combines tradition learning sessions and instruction, the use of technology based on the student’s needs and learning style, and individual tutoring to reinforce learning as the student progresses. This method works for students no matter what their level of learning is, whether they are way ahead, behind and catching up with things.

The three pillars of Rocketship education are great teachers and leaders, personalized learning for the students, and fully engaged parents.

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