Rocketship Education’s Flagship Project to Provide Inter-Class Educational Opportunities

August 10, 2017

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary schools developed for low-income earning students. It was established to ensure access to quality education by all students from the neighborhood. Rocketship Education believes that a school should be able to educate students, engage parents, inspire communities, and empower tutors.

Rocketship’s Administration

The institution’s regional director, Jacque Patterson stated that the school would receive applications from the D.C neighborhood of low income and English language learners. The focus will go beyond the Ward 8 neighborhood. Rocketship aims at working with the community, parents, and educators to create an ecosystem of quality public institutions in San Jose. About 25 Public charter schools have been established since the launch of the program in 2007.

The school will run through fourth grade and will house 350 kindergarten students through the second grade during the inaugural year 2016/2017. The families will be actively involved in the running of the school, and this has been made possible in some ways. Parents will have a building where they can access internet and computers, which will allow them to apply for jobs while they are on the campus.

The unique process of hiring teachers

At the Rocketship Education, parents play a role in hiring teachers several months before classes begin. They participate in the job interviews, a process that has been there since 2007 in San Jose, Calif. Parent involvement and personalized and blended-learning style have contributed to the national attention accorded to the Rocketship Education.

The institution’s campuses

In 2013, the D. Public Charter School Board voted to have Rocketship open some other eight schools in the district. The one in Ward 8 remained the first of its campuses, situated in the Woodland Terrace. The stakeholders have resolved to strengthen public education in San Jose, particularly for the low-income families and communities.

The poverty gaps have been drastically reduced and narrowed through this initiative. The first graders of the last 15 years have now graduated and are contributing positively to their families. They are a testimony to the transformative power of an excellent education system on the path to the realization of dreams.


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