Ronald Fowlkes: Customer turned Co-Owner

April 13, 2018

Ronald Fowlkes is more than familiar with the essential need for reliable tactical gear having served in the Marine Corps from a young age and later as a member of the SWAT team for the St. Louis Police Department. Now as the Director of Business Development and Co-Owner of FirstSpear, his years of experience in the field enables him to be a strong advocate for the brand, developing state of the art equipment for military and law enforcement professionals around the world.


One of the strategies Fowlkes finds most crucial for a business to achieve success is to focus on customers. He enjoys learning from others and believes that incorporating teamwork wherever possible helps influence successful ideas. By working closely with its end users, FirstSpear is able to use first-hand knowledge to move the brand forward and achieve its goals. It’s this teamwork coupled with advancements in technology like the new laser cutting tube technology that has Fowlkes most excited about the future of the company.


A key to Fowlkes’ success is his leadership experience which goes back to the early days of his career. He leads by example and relies heavily on an old habit from the Marine Corps, journaling, to create daily to-do lists. By checking off his list, he is able to keep track of his productivity throughout the day. Any task incomplete at the end of the day goes on to the list for next day.


Aside from his passion for his career, Fowlkes is a family man and to those who know him, he is considered a “teddy bear.” Each morning he sees his three kids off to school before heading to the office for the day. In his leisure, he also coaches a youth hockey team which allows him to spend additional time with his children.


As a sports fan and more notably an avid hockey fan, Fowlkes maintains a sports blog. In one of his more recent posts, Fowlkes discusses how fighting, a once common tactic in the game of hockey, has become more obsolete as the game evolves into a higher scoring faster-paced sport.


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