Sahm Adrangi and his Kerrisdale’s Betting for and Against Companies

January 21, 2018

Sahm Adrangi started a hedge fund many years ago and has achieved a lot of success with his investment firm and its research. The company founder began working in investments early in his career, learning from investors such as Dan Loeb who is Adrangi’s role model for business.

Back in 2009, Sahm Adrangi launched the Kerrisdale Capital Management. The investment and money management company also has a strong focus on research and betting for and against corporations. In 2011, Sahm Adrangi started making a name for himself and his first substantial profit after shorting several Chinese companies listed as American. That brought the group to have assets of $250 million as of 2013. Now, Kerrisdale Capital Management has assets that have nearly tripled. Sahm Adrangi started the business with only one million to fund it, so the growth is quite impressive given he was very young when he started.

Kerrisdale Capital Management is one of the transparent companies that easily state their sides and opinions. That comes naturally considering the firm bets billions sometimes for and against businesses. The company reports its opinion on the Twitter platform, and so does its founder Sahm Adrangi who is outspoken about his thoughts and prefers not to beat around the bush with his vernacular.

Sahm Adrangi stirred the research orientation of his Kerrisdale Capital Management in three industries. The company reaches and makes reports on businesses from the sectors of biotechnology, telecommunication, and mining. The business sector is a vast one. No single company can hope to encompass all industries extensively, so it is est to focus on no more than a handful of them. Biotechnology, for one, is a widely talked about the industry and is thriving. To a large extent, the future of medicine depends on the progress of biotechnology.

What Kerrisdale Capital Management essentially does is that it ”calls out” companies that they believe are overvalued and at the same time brings into the spotlight those that Kerrisdale think should receive more attention. The company does extensive research when betting for and against and published exhaustive papers and report to prove its pint. Often the bets are raised funds gathered from investors.

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