Science Brings Us Closer to a Male Birth Control Pill

February 16, 2015


Scientists and researchers are working on methods of birth control that men can use. Various types being developed include those that stop the creation of sperm and those that prevent the sperm from leaving the male body. Science is coming closer to perfecting a male “pill.” A new oral contraceptive being developed for men to keep them from impregnating women without having to wear a condom or undergo a procedure as major as a vasectomy is now in the animal testing phase. The animal studies, as reported on in the, and included in this share on by research supporter Paul Mathieson are showing great promise in having total success in promoting infertility and then this infertility being completely reversible in all instances. There is also no accompanying fall-off in libido; a comforting thought, no doubt, for any men following this research.

This research is important as most of the effort in developing a workable male “pill” is non-hormonal in nature as opposed to leading female birth control measures. Messing with one’s hormones to prevent pregnancy can have all sorts of undesired side effects. These can include headache, dizziness, nausea, decreased libido and mood swings. This is why the perfection of an oral male birth control is important to women and to the men who love them. Men who are familiar with the saying “a happy wife is a happy life” will be all too glad to take up the responsibility of family planning.

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