Scientists Are Breeding Ticks To Learn How Disease Spreads

June 15, 2015

If you live in a rural area, two of your biggest complaints in the summer months are fleas and ticks. This is especially true if you have pets. However, those who have children out playing in wooded areas will find that it can become a life or death situation, especially if the tick has been attached to the child for more than 36 hours. That is how long it takes for a tick to infect a person with Lyme’s disease. Though most are looking for a bull’s-eye rash, by the time they find it, it’s way too late.

According to Sergio Cortes, Scientists are doing everything they can to try to help. In a radical new move, one Kansas City man is going to bread ticks to help understand how they spread disease. While it doesn’t sound like a job that most of us would be interested in, the data this study can provide will be life altering and necessary. Because they have outnumbered the mosquitos as pests in the US, and the fact that they carry 4-5 pathogens inside; something has to be done about them.

Roman Ganta and his whole team from the Missouri area know the dangers of messing with so many ticks. They are dragging them in from the fields and helping the females to reproduce. If they get bit, it could mean big problems for them. But someone has to be willing to take the chance to help solve the problem.

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