Slyce Is Set To Unveil New Services As The Visual Search Guru

November 4, 2015

Slyce is a new technology called visual search, which is changing the way consumers purchase goods from retailers. It has been discusses for years, and we have seen different versions of it of the years, but Slyce has mastered the concept. They are directly connecting users to retailers in an engaging and exciting way that has never been seen before through image recognition. The user has control over taking a picture of something they would like to purchase, whether it is in 3D or a 2D picture of a picture. They are presented with a list of retailers. There are some major retailers on the list. JC Penny, Home Depot and Neiman Marcus are among the top retailers on the list that consumers get to choose from. The company, Slyce, is also showcasing their new, beta products and services. They are really excited to see how this testing process goes because they are serious about revolutionizing the shopping experience for consumers are retailers.

The shopping experience has changed shape significantly over the last few decades. The addition of e-commerce has made it a more engaging experience for people. To read more about Slyce and their new offerings, check out where this information was originally reported on Yahoo Finance.

An Example Of How To Use Slyce

Here’s a real world example of just how useful this new technology can be for the average person. Let’s say you are dining with a friend, and you notice their flatware is exactly what you’ve been shopping for. You have two options if you want to use Slyce to assist you. You can take a picture of the actual flatware if you would like. You can also take a picture of a picture of the flatware. This works great for people who are impulse shoppers because it connects you directly with the marketplace. All the purchases are handled on the spot. Your flatware arrives in a few days at your home. In either scenario you are paired with lists from retailers that fit your request. It is your choice to pick from the lists of retailers.

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