Success Academy – the Shining Star in Academics and Social-Emotional Welfare of Students

May 31, 2017

Success Academy is a group of schools that were started in 2006 when they opened their first school. As of 2015, the network had 32 schools of which 24 are elementary schools, 7 are middle schools and one new high school. The schools serve 9,000 students in total.


Success Academy is located in New York’s poorest communities. Their performance always beats that of wealthiest suburbs. Success Academy is like any other charter schools in America, but they have their secrets of success.


First, success academy believes that content is king. For instance, in their kindergartens, children work in groups to come up with architectural sketches before constructing a project. Then one child from each group explains to the other children what they have built. This exposed the children to the buildings of the world.


In addition to the Curriculum provided for all schools, success academy has gone ahead and developed their curriculum. In English, they developed Think Literacy which is based on balanced literacy where children read as they write. This makes children be avid readers. Writing skills are highly emphasized, and teachers are trained to give targeted feedback to the students.


The elementary students have access to project-based learning approach. This method requires students to practicing reading and writing about a specific subject for a duration of six weeks. In the middle class, independent reading time is added for the literature class. Students are given iPad loaded with reading books. These books expose children to materials that are relevant and exposes them to different cultures, settings, and economic back ground.


In Math, Success Academy has developed a curriculum that makes the students read challenging materials that help in building the background knowledge. All the students in all the classes take a science class daily. The children also learn through experiments so as to bring history to life. The students do a lot of field studies. Other success factors at success are students taking practice tests.


The teachers in Success Academy access technology and have to read and understand the books that their students are reading. Teachers are paid well to feel motivated. Teachers, parents and community leaders interact with students to share academic achievement.


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