The Amazing Credit And Investment Guru, Christopher Linkas

May 27, 2018

Christopher Linkas has held many prominent positions over his prestigious career and has one of the best track records of any investor around today. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Bowdoin College, which is currently ranked the third best liberal arts college in the United States, located in Brunswick, Maine.


In January of 1997, he became Vice President of RER Financial Group. A position which he held until May of 1998. There, he was responsible for investments of opportunity mainly involving equity and real estate debt. He then moved on to none-other-than the firm of Goldman Sachs in New York, New York. At Goldman Sachs, Christopher Linkas held the position of Vice President where he was in charge of overseeing large commercial mortgage loans from start to finish.


Currently, Christopher Linkas is the Managing Director at Fortress Investment Group in London, England. A company he’s worked for since leaving Goldman Sachs in 2003. He is the head of European Credit Group. There he heads the company’s principal investments throughout Europe, from the United Kingdom to Scandinavia, and all the way south to Greece.


He has recently been offering young people helpful investment tips. He believes most young people don’t take advantage of their youth and procrastinate far to long when it comes to financial investing through the stock market. Christopher Linkas believes that persons in their 20’s, regardless of overall financial situation or student loan debt, should start investing in some way.


Much of this is due to the fact that young people have many, many years to go before retirement. This makes it more plausible for high risk, high reward investments where such type of investments would be out of the question for someone in their late 40’s.


Reinvesting dividends along with interest over time is a sure way to create wealth. With this conservative style of investing, a young person can watch their wealth grow passively over decades. Along with the aid of computers and the internet, there are many options available today that simply were not around 20, even 10 years ago. Christopher Linkas stresses that young people should take advantage of this through online trading platforms along with extensively researching the investing market. He also states that one should take stock in themselves and those that do will fare far better than those who do not. Do what you love and you might not even have to go searching for success … it will find you ...

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