The Chainsmokers Alex Pall Builds A Global Fan Base

April 11, 2018

Electronic Dance Music, better known simply as EDM has been growing in popularity over recent years with The Chainsmokers being one of the leading exponents of this often underserved musical genre. The Chainsmokers partnership of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart has been pumping out impressive tunes since 2012 when DJ Pall got together with EDM expert Taggart and sought to discover new ways of exploring a genre of music largely dominated by DJ’s and guest performers.

Alex Pall believes The Chainsmokers have been seeking new ways expanding a global fan base which was initially based in New York with the DJ partnership of Alex Pall and his initial musical collaborator bringing them initial success before Pall sought the musical skills of Andrew Taggart. Pall took the plunge and quit his day job to concentrate on music after Taggart moved from college in Maine to become one of the most impressive musicians in the New York EDM scene.

The Chainsmokers are one of the most successful electronic bands of the 21st-century after spending much of their career since 2012 seeking new ways of expanding their brand to find as many fans as possible. In the 21st-century, bands and musical partnerships have to be more than simply good musicians as the entire world of social media has become a major part of getting new music out to fans. Andrew Taggart concentrates on the musical side of The Chainsmokers while Alex Pall takes part in both the music and marketing side of the band which has seen them launched into a new period of success with fans across the globe attracted to both the music and image of the DJ-based duo.

Alex Pall believes the different approach taken to the EDM landscape by The Chainsmokers has seen them become household names across the world and known in their own right. BY playing a role in the songwriting process and basing the majority of songs on their own ideas and experiences the duo now feel a greater sense of authorship over their work compared to the majority of other artists who begin life on the DJ circuit.

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