The experience Randal Nardone has received over the years

June 15, 2018

Randal Nardone in the financial services industry he has a decade of experiences, but currently he the CEO at Fortress Investment Group. At the University of Connecticut, that’s where he attained his degree in English and Biology, and from the Boston University school of law, he got the masters in juris doctor. As soon as he graduated he was employed as a partner and executive committee member for Thacher Proffitt & Wood that is a law firm where he was a lawyer. After that, he decided that he wanted something challenging and he concentrated on the financial services that lead him to join the Blackrock Financial Management. He worked in the company until 1997, and the same year he got hired as a managing director at UBS. He worked at the company for one year, in 1998 together with other people they agreed on co-founding Fortress Investment Group and that saw him being elected the CEO of the firm in 2013.

Together with the help of the company’s subsidiaries, Randal Nardone has played the significant role in the firm. Rather than offering his services to Fortress. He provides his services as the vice president and secretary at the Newcastle Investment Holdings. In management, he has the passion, and he has the needed skills. However, the management skill that he has was not gotten from his education but the experiences that he has gained working for the different firms. Through the lessons, he has learned that for a business to be successful the critical thing is offering excellent leadership skills. That’s why the employees that have worked or are working with Randal Nardone have all been satisfied.

The idea that he will emphasize on when working with employees is the teamwork because that ensures that the goals are achieved.For the success that Fortress Investment Group has received over the years, Randal Nardone has played a significant role. When SoftBank announced on their plan to purchase Fortress Randal was still making sure that it was getting the profits needed. It has gained the respect as a company that will offer efficient services and it’s still on the market leader. In different organizations, he is somehow involved with them. The result that he has gained is having a lot of funds in the form of salary and allowances. That makes the net worth increased that making him a billionaire and in the Forbes billionaire list he has been listed as number 557.

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