The Future of Independent Agents in Insurance Lies in Plymouth Rock’s ‘Prime’

September 16, 2015

Plymouth Rock Assurance is a creation of James M. Stone an American business executive. The company is based in Boston and gives auto insurance services to Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In August, the company released an online tool that enabled clients to buy and track their auto insurance policies online. The tool called “Prime” also gives the clients to communicate with their local independent agents through the online platform.

As research as shown, there is a gap and an untapped business niche in insurance selling and management by the clients. The tool aims to offer a solution in which the clients finds it problematic to visit the local insurance, agent. In addition to being capable of accessing the policies via the internet, the consumer also gets consultation as well through the same path. This would save so many resources and make transaction much faster. Not mentioning the efficiency it has on both the consumers and the insurer in providing satisfaction. Sounds too good to be accurate but the tool is set to be fully functional in Massachusetts as from the month of October.

In the article published by the Insurance Journal, it explains how the tool works and how it benefits both the consumer and Independent Agents as well. As it has been the case, Independent Insurance Agents have fallen short of favor to direct providers who sell online. The tool seeks to give them a competing edge. It increases their utility as well as increases their outreach to customers.

James Stone is the brains behind this powerful tool. The founder and CEO of Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation has a bright view when it comes to customer and service provider interaction. The former Harvard University lecturer in Economics might have created the next big thing in an insurance aspect.

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