The Legendary Drummer of the Viper Cassio Audi

September 6, 2017

Cassio Audi is a world known Heavy Metal music Drummer. Brazil is well known for its iconic heavy metal music group, Viper. Cassio Audi helped in forming the group which for over decades now has set trends in this genre of music. Viper as a band drew inspiration for its music from British Heavy metal of the years 1970 up to the 1980s.Throughout his teenage years, Cassio was the iconic drummer of the Viper.

Viper drew inspiration from the famous Iron Maiden band. The role of Mr. Cassio was highly significant since the drummers in rock determine the pace and the brutality of the beat. All through the 1980s the Viper band became recognized not only in Latin America, Brazil but all around the globe. The group, led by Cassio Audi, was made up of teenagers namely, Andre Matos, Yves Passarell, Felipe Marchad and Pit Passarell.

Viper began from very humble beginnings to become a globally recognized and appreciated group. The band, led by Mr. Cassio released its first demo The Killera Sword in I985.The demo drew a lot of interest from the public which made the environment fit to release their first album. Soldiers of Sunrise was the bands very first album which was very well received by fans and saw to the recognition of Cassio Audi as an exemplary teen drummer all over Latin America and later globally.

Viper stood out to be a legendary group because of its drummers, most important Cassio Audi. The drummers introduced a new sub genre in the regular heavy metal beats. The band, composed of teenagers, revolutionized metal music in Brazil and the world over making its global mark. The impact Viper created, lives on, despite its members moving on to other fields. In 1985,having made a mark in the heavy metal music, Cassio Audi Left the band in pursuit of an all different career.


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