The Maverick Approach to Selling Real Estate

November 19, 2015

For the past few years, since the US economy went into a tailspin after the real estate bubble burst back in 2008, many Americans struggled and it was hard to think the real estate market would ever recover. The US ability to endure has come through again, however, and the real estate market, along with the general economy, is starting to pick up. The news is especially good in major cities like Los Angeles, where people are moving to to take advantage of the very positive job growth that’s taking place.

The Tech Boom in Los Angeles

The huge growth in the tech sector is bringing on a major boom in Los Angeles, with many startup companies now hiring in the beach areas like Santa Monica (now dubbed “Silicon Beach). All these jobs are bringing families to the area and those families need housing. That means they also need realtors to show them the market here so they can find the perfect house.

Realty Professionals in Los Angeles

Real estate agents in the Los Angeles market suffered during the downturn, but now, realtors are coming back in a big way. Top realtors with a solid knowledge of the market here, a background in finance, law or economics and a large social networking base are sure to do well during the coming boom. A great realtor also needs to be a strong people person, because beyond the financial realities of looking for a home, realtors need to know how to finesse the emotional aspects that come with looking for a house. Smart realtors know this, and treat their clients with sensitivity.

Real Estate Agent Coaching

One of the new aspects of this comeback in real estate is the need for new realtors to undergo training in the fine points of their profession. Some of the major firms are now encouraging newer realtors to sign up for classes, like those offered by These classes offer a new kind of view of how to sell real estate and they’re having a positive impact on the market.

The classes at Real Estate Mavericks take realtors though various new approaches in how to sell, so they can get beyond some of the tried and true ideas that may be outdated today. The reaction to the training at Real Estate Mavericks has been incredibly positive and the coaching available seems to signify the wave of the future in realty.

If it’s time to really think about the real estate professional in a new way and very exciting way, consider taking coaching classes with Real Estate Mavericks.

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