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April 20, 2018

Changes in the Japanese Stock Market

In November of 2016, Steve Sjuggerud believed that the Japanese stocks were a “one-way bet.” During 2016 the policymakers in Japan were concerned with the country sliding back into a state of deflation. In order to prevent deflation, the central bank of Japan promised their citizens to drive inflation as much as they needed to. The BoJ did a “double down” tactic on the efforts it had recently used in terms of stimulus. This caused the interest rates to decrease even more than before. Steve thought that this would make a tailwind for the Japanese stocks, refer to Stansberry Research.

Recently, Steve’s ideas were tested based on Stansbery Research. The Governor of Japan, Haruhiko Kuroda mentioned that he has the intention to end the stimulus program that the bank has enacted. Him, as well as the members of the board, that prices will reach two percent in 2019. Kuroda has been under more and more pressure to give details on when the BoJ will consider normalization. The fact that Kuroda publicly acknowledged this is significant to what is happening in the market.


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