Thor Halvorssen Human Rights Foundations and His Involvement in Film Production and Politics

March 4, 2017

Thor Leonardo Halvorssen Mendoza is a famous and popular person not only in Venezuela but also in US, South Africa, and London. He is widely renowned because of his advocacy and commitment to fighting for human rights.

Thor was born and brought up in Venezuela over forty years ago. He came from a family of leaders as his father worked in anti-drug affairs in the Carlos Andres government. Besides, he worked as an international investigator on behalf of Venezuelan Senate commission in the same administration. Halvorssen acquired his bachelor’s degree in political science and history from the University of Pennsylvania.

Mr. Halvorssen started advocating for the rights of disadvantaged and powerless individuals in Venezuelan society since his teenage years. The passion to champion for human rights started during the apartheid time in South Africa. He was concerned about several violations on human rights on the black people. Besides, the demise of his mother fueled his efforts to fight against injustices present in the society.

To facilitate his fight against injustices, he started a Human Right Foundation (HRF). The aim of this organization was to free political prisoners as well as promoting their acceptance and democracy in Latin American society. HRF has managed to secure freedom for several prisoners by providing credible evidence indicating these individuals. Besides, the foundation has published books championing for people’s rights and responsibilities. Oslo Freedom Forum is a human rights event held yearly and headed by Thor. The participants of this festival are geared towards turning the event a human rights foundation in future.

Mr. Thor Halvorssen involvement in politics is clear in his quest to liberate prisoners and to head the opposition to the apartheid in South Africa. He also concerned about many countries experiencing dictatorial leadership. His interest in politics is to advocate for peace by dissuading global leaders against their citizens.

Thor is a professional film producer. In 2006, he produced two movies Freedom’s Fury and The Singing Revolution. These films mainly advocated for human rights to everyone. A year later, he produced Indoctrinate U and The Libel Tourist. The former was a documentary while the latter was a movie. He also acted 2081 as well as in his latest production Uprising, Halo of Stars movies.

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