Too Fat To Fight: The New Military Crisis

April 24, 2015

Super-sizing our meals and beverages at our favorite fast food restaurants over the past few years has helped lead us down the road to nation-wide obesity when we should have been sticking to the basics at Bulletproof Coffee, see their Facebook. The obesity problem is now leading us to a crisis in the military ranks – our young men and women will be too fat to fight when they reach legal age to joined their preferred branch of the armed forces.
Weight has become a national safety issue as well as a national health issue. If obesity in American continues on this same course for the next five years, the man in charge of recruiting U.S Army personal, Maj, Gen. Allen Batschelet, says there will be be no one left to recruit. Who will protect our nation when there’s no one left who can fit into army issued uniforms, jeeps, tanks, airplane cockpits, submarines, etc., etc., etc.?
Army recruiters have been forced into becoming fitness coaches so they can help their young charges be all they can be physically. Tax dollars are now being spent to help the young recruit lose weight and build muscle strength. It’s a security necessity for recruiters to help increase the character and decrease the girth of new recruits. If they don’t, the prediction is by 2020 only 2 out of every 10 young people will qualify for service in the armed forces.

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