Travel Ads Are Helping To Increase Internet Advertising Revenue

September 18, 2015

Brazilians love to travel. The online ad market targets traveling Brazilians whether they move around the country for business or pleasure. More people are booking travel arrangements online, and that opens the door for advertising agencies like Heads Propaganda to develop ads for their clients that appeal to travelers. Travel agencies are still relevant to some travelers, but more people are using the Internet not only for transportation but also for hotel and restaurant information and bookings. That means ad agencies can place ads on those sites and attract consumers that love to respond to unusual ads, according to Cláudio Loureiro, the founder of the Heads Propaganda Advertising Agency.

Online travel sites have made a major impact in the advertising business. More than 42 percent of Brazilian consumers buy their travel tickets online, and that number is expected to grow over the next three years even though the country is feeling the effects of a recession. One of the reasons for the $R 11.4 million online travel revenue is lower costs, but the other reason is online advertising, according to Mr. Loureiro. Ad executives like Loureiro can track these travelers and design ads that appeal to them. That saves ad agencies money and gives them the ability to focus on a particular consumer in their ads. Traveling consumers are primarily business travelers in Brazil, so they are the prime targets of ads, but tourist are also targeted by agencies, and both of those ads produce substantial revenue for clients.

Ad agencies are able to track travelers by age, occupation and gender among other things, and that information is extremely valuable. For example, more than 41 percent of traveling men buy tickets online, and 29 percent of Brazilian women buy online tickets. Those consumers range in age from 18 to 50 years old, and most of them are highly educated, and belong to the upper social classes in Brazil. About 12 percent of those consumers booked their travel arrangements using a mobile device, and that is important for ad agencies to know as well.

Brazilian travelers get information about travel from several print publications like, Viagem, Revista Viajar, Falando de Viagem and Melhores Destinos. All of those publications sell ad space to ad agencies and they produce very good results in terms of consumer recognition and product and service awareness. Traveling consumers in Brazil spend a lot of money and advertisers make sure they do.

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