Trump Bigger Contender Than Koch Expected in Race for the Whitehouse

February 8, 2016

Charles Koch, along with his brother David and some other allies, decided the 2016 election was going to be Republican win and have spent much time since 2012 raising nearly $900 million to achieve this goal. But there seems to be a hitch in their plans, a real estate mogul who took the Republican party by storm, Donald Trump. Like everyone else, the Koch brothers didn’t give Trump enough credit and didn’t view him as a real contender in the race for the Whitehouse. The Koch brothers went so far as giving Trump the cold shoulder by not inviting him to their August donor summit that five of his Republican opponents were invited to.

While the Koch’s prefer to only engage once the primaries are over, this political race has offered no common pick that fits within their guidelines, and they may have to change how they play the game. The brothers have even considered running a campaign that targets Trump to ensure he isn’t the Republican pick. Cruz was able to take the first Caucus in Iowa, which offered a bit of relief to the brothers, and for now they are watching and waiting before acting on any impulses. While Trump’s candidacy could lead to a reckoning with the Koch’s network, it’s likely to get him a large number of votes from those who are in the Koch network that are determined to elect a Republican at all costs. While the Koch brothers are far from fans of the Clintons, should she and Trump go head to head for the presidency, Koch claims it would be a tough call on who would win his vote.

Charles Koch is a major player in the business world. Along with his brother David, they co-own Koch industries and have grown the business into an empire over the last few decades. Koch is listed on some of the most prestigious lists including #29 on the Most Powerful People list, #5 on Forbes 400, and #6 on the list of Billionaires.

Business is not his only interest, he has great ambition in helping to shape the country into what he believes it should be. He is considered one of the most politically influential billionaires in America, and he is known for pushing for small government as well as economic liberty and civil rights.

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