Understanding The Mind According To Dr. Amen

February 4, 2015

The world according to years of study could not be any clearer than it is to Dr. Daniel Amen, a healthy brain is important to the success you achieve and the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. As “one of the most gifted minds in medicine” according to his colleague Dr. Mehmet Oz, it took years and a determination to prove his theories through extensive study. With a burning desire to increase his education in matters of the mind, he left no stone unturned to fulfill his dreams.

Understanding The Mind

The 70s and 80s played an important part in laying the groundwork for Dr. Amen’s career where he attended Southern California College and earned an undergraduate degree in biology. Amen went on to attend The Oral Roberts University School of Medicine, where he earned his doctorate. With a much clearer focus on matters of the mind, Dr. Amen chose the Walter Reed Army medical Center to qualify in psychiatric training and Honolulu Tripler Army Medical Center for adolescent psychiatry. There was no shortage of hands-on experience, which included more than a 1,000 hours required for reading scans under clinical supervision.

Recognized In His Field

It is impossible to make as many contributions to the field of medicine without being noticed by friends and associates. His work as the lead researcher in the studies of the brain in football players was just one of his greater achievements where Dr. Amen was awarded with the recognized title of Distinguished Fellow. His passion for subject matter related to the mind created enough of a desire to publish materials that earned him best seller status on several occasions. The Amen Clinics with locations across the nation is one of his achievements which he founded and actively participates in today as a director.

A Vision For The Future

For the average individual, these achievements may seem a little exhausting, but those who know Dr. Amen would probably agree that he is just getting started. After joining with colleagues Dr. Mark Hyman and Pastor Rick Warren, Dr. Amen helped create the “Daniel Plan” which is being introduced to several religious organizations as a one-year program to improve the health of people around the world. Some television viewers may remember Dr. Amen from the popular brain programs he has already produced. The list of achievements from Dr. Amen continues to grow and as many will agree, there seems to be no end in sight.

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