Unprecedented Changes in the Digital Marketing World; a White Shark Media Review

July 27, 2017

What started out as 3 entrepreneurs and a dream, is now one of the fastest-growing digital agencies in America. White Shark Media is a leading digital marketing agency that provides online marketing solutions to help clients make the most of their marketing needs. Tailored to small and medium-sized companies specifically, White Shark Media has created cost-friendly, highly effective (proprietary) marketing tools that are made available online to protégés that may be finding it a bit hard to get their business off the ground.

According to gcreport.com, a crucial part to their “formula for success” is tracking every one of their clients’ marketing efforts extensively. With the help of keyword-level call tracking, proprietary reporting software, Google Analytics integration (and more) White Shark Media assures that they are “fully accountable” to their clients every month.

With customer service being top priority to those of the White Shark Media Team, it comes to no surprise that their client turnover is at an all time low. They constantly listen to the feedback of their customers and, without fail, act quickly to maximize their efforts in bettering the overall customer experience for their referral partners.

White Shark Media not only has a foundation of “offshore and domestic presence with talented and fully bilingual employee[s]” but they also offer reports on clients’ Google Adwords campaigns that give comprehensive reviews so that clients are fully aware of the precise strategy White Shark Media has implemented to develop and boost their customer base.

The overwhelming amount of energy put into the well-being and overall experience of their customers is what really sets White Shark Media apart from its competitors. Because of their unprecedented amount of hands-on involvement, White Shark Media has become one of the 29 Google Adwords Premier SMB Partners in the U.S. and intends on continually evolving their company in efforts to make it the best in the business.

“White Shark Media will be the only company I will be using for the life of my company and you should do the same.”Todd L. Painters from Canada

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