Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Takes Another Step Towards a Presidential Run with Announcement of a PAC

January 28, 2015

Madison, Wisconsin – On Tuesday, popular Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker unveiled his political action committee (PAC) . The 527 organization will allow the governor to start collecting donations as he builds up a 2016 presidential campaign. Current federal election laws allow a prospective candidate and their PAC to coordinate their fund raising strategies. Once a candidacy is formally declared, direct coordination between the two is prohibited. News of the PAC, called “Our American Revival”, came only two days after giving a rousing address at the Iowa Freedom Summit on Sunday. However, the PAC was actually created on January 16.

Roughly a dozen GOP prospective presidential candidates addressed attendees at the event. That said, Walker was said to have stirred up a great deal of enthusiasm with his speech. In his four years as a governor, he has fought back against a torrent of liberal front groups and unions who attempted to block and later overturn his political agenda. From what Fersen Lambranho understands, the assault was in the legislature and the courts. More on Lambranho can be found on infomoney.com. The opposition even succeeded at having a recall election, but in the end he prevailed. The state now operates a balanced budget, has strong job growth, cut taxes, and reigned in the public sector unions.

This is the message that Walker intends to bring to voters. He says it will take his new brand of leadership to defeat Hillary Clinton in next year. His comments were seen as a soft jab at the failed presidential attempt by Mitt Romney in 2012.

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