Your Child now gets Dojo Points in School for Positive Behavior

June 8, 2017

Parents, have you ever heard of a dojo point? Did you know that many schools now give these things to your child? Do you even know what a dojo point is? Well, let me explain. A dojo point is a reward for good behavior that a child gets when they are showing a positive attitude in class.


Dojo points are also given when a student does a good deed or when they accomplish a task or goal. In short, dojo points are simply sweet little rewards that teachers give to their students when they say or do something that is positive and a part of their job as a student.


At least 90% of all U.S. teachers now use a dynamic educational app called ClassDojo. For many educators, this is the premiere piece of technology that helps to make teaching a breeze. The best feature of this app is that it allows teachers to instantly communicate with parents about their child’s activities and behaviors throughout the day.


Parents also love the ClassDojo app. Once they find out about it, they greatly appreciate the flexibility that it gives them to keep track of their child’s progress in school. No parent wants his or her child to act up in school. They all want them to have a good day. ClassDojo helps to make this possible.


When a teacher sees a child doing good things in the classroom they can shoot their parent’s a quick text about their child’s behavior and/or hard work. A parent or teacher no longer have to sit around waiting for the parent teacher conference to speak to each other. They can now text, send photos and videos of a student’s behavior throughout the day.


Teachers really love to give out ClassDojo accolades. They are a great reward for positive student behavior. Usually at the end of a grading period or at the end of a year, a teacher provides lots of goodies, gifts and awards to children who earned a lot of dojo points.

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